Macalester Class of 2027 Official Thread

This is the official discussion thread for Macalester Class of 2027 RD applicants. Ask your questions and connect with fellow applicants.

RD Application Deadline is: January 15

Surprised that decisions came out just after noon on a Sunday - was not expecting anything until later this week. DS was waitlisted after being deferred from EA. Interviewed but did not visit. 1500 SAT, 9 APs (4,5s so far), NM Commended. Guess they did not see a fit. Looks like last year they pulled zero from the WL.

It’s also possible that the lack of fit was financial since Macalester is need aware for admissions. Sorry for the disappointment and hopefully your son is going to have other great options!

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Mac is not need aware. They do meets 100% demonstrated needs based on FAFSA plus CSS profile.

They are need aware in admissions (meaning ability to pay is a factor in admissions decisions) but then meet what they calculate to be your demonstrated need if they admit you.

Is anyone going to one of the Admitted Students days? My daughter and I are going on April 7.

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My wife and daughter will also be there on the 7th.

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