Manhattan College Class of 2024

Starting this year’s thread. S applied for Civil Engineering. Anyone else?

I’m applying for Communications!

My daughter applied EA for special Ed!

Has anyone received notification from admissions yet?

My son applied, Business Analytics, he is also a swimmer and has had an official visit with the team. He is told that admissions makes decisions in December.

Our Son had his top 3 schools picked, (applying to 10, including overseas) Then we decided to visit MC just before all apps went out… (ticked many boxes) Instantly became his number one.
Major: Sound Studies.
(New Major Fall of 2020): Music
Applied Nov 13 EA.

Based on last year’s EA acceptances, we should be hearing before Christmas!

@BagpipersMom I was recently perusing the website and saw the sound studies major! Looks interesting. Are you saying they are also offering a music major starting next year? Any other insights or information for musicians at Manhattan?

“Music” is still a Minor.
However the Sound Studies, will be a Major. Created by Professor Pottinger of the Music Dept. We thought how awesome to be in on the ground floor of a new Major… so close to the City with Sony, ABC, Etc… right in the palm of your hand.
At other schools they are willing to create Hybrids for our Son’s passions…Here they just went and made it.
The School is so excited for this, which in turn
Makes us all excited!
Our Son is a vocalist as well, so he is thrilled with the new A Capella group they have told him about.
And he is the Bagpipe Major here at his high school (yes we have Pipes at our HS lol) so he spoke/made appt. with Pipe Director of the MC Corp, during our visit.
And our boy Rows. (Crew) so many boxes ticked. But his mind is open, as other acceptances has arrived and wonderful scholarships… but this Momma has NEVER seen his face light up the way MC does for him.
… ahhh he would look good in green!

@BagpipersMom That is wonderful! My S is percussion/soccer. Can’t wait to hear how it turns out for you. Would be curious to know what other schools he applied to. Please feel free to PM me.

Hi there.

He applied to:
Franklin & Marshall
Carnegie Mellon
Washington College
University of Mary Washington
Seton Hill
Edinboro University
Moravian College
William & Mary
Manhattan College
St. Andrews in

Big underlying factors are Bagpipes on property (or within 10 miles), Music Technology, Rowing, Vocal Groups, Honors Program, Smaller in size, within 4-5 hours drive from home.

Has anyone heard any word? ?
Just curious. :heart:

Nothing yet :frowning:
I believe last year this time, decisions were already rolling out.

If I remember correctly, they do not do any type of electronic notification - acceptances are all sent via snail mail.

Anyone know if decisions will be out soon?
We have heard from so many schools already, but really waiting for MC.

Acceptance packet with merit scholarship was received via mail Saturday Dec 14th.

Thank you! Hopefully ours will arrive soon.

Can I ask when you submitted application to MC?

Application was submitted last week of October.

My son received his acceptance and merit award packet today. He applied last week of October. We are OOS.