Merit aid and scholarship.

We received today the financial package and it was lower than what we had hoped for and need.
Will Rose match what she is offered at other institutions?
Also does anyone know how it works for the other scholarships like the 1940 and FIRST? They have a due date of Feb1. How many are available? When do we find out for these?
I guess I’m a bit confused and saddened because despite our EFC, we have two other kids in private schools to accommodate gifted dyslexia and this is not taken into account. We need to be fair to all our kids. Sad for my daughter who loves Rose and is such an amazingly passionate woman about engineering and has such natural leadership.

There is an appeals process where you can present info they may not have. It’s on their website or just call and ask. Some schools say you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit while Rose says they will consider an appeal.

 Merit doesn't usually stack with need, so the scholarships might not help. I am not sure any college will take into account your choice to use private school for grade school aged kids? 

I did call them and they were helpful in giving various options including appeal and special circumstances. She’s applying to scholarships outside as well. We were not hoping for financial aid but for more merit. The merit aid at Rose is much lower than all others she’s gotten so far. As much as her heart is for Rose, she cannot ignore that, nor can we.
Hence looking at what the options are.

Her siblings are in a private school that accommodate their needs as recommended by their doctor and their diagnostician.

      Make sure you all have an affordable option. 

Indeed. It was a requirement in her search. A safe university. Still waiting on two more. She applied to 6 in total.

When we called, they told us we could file an appeal, but that the most they offered was usually 1,000-2,000K more in merit. It was disheartening, as RHIT is also a first choice here.

Same here. I’m unclear why she got much less merit aid at RHIT than all others. She is submitting for the FIRST and 1940 scholarships and hoping this will help bridge or close the gap.
We are also waiting on Olin and Cal Poly.
She got in at Mines, Embry Riddle and UTD (our local safe back up). What others are you considering ?

Two questions regarding this topic: what amounts are kids receiving in merit aid? and…how many Class of '40 scholarships do they give out?

@Kidoma…why is UTD a safe backup rather than a top choice? They seem like a good STEM school.

My kid has received $12,000 in merit aid from Rose plus $3,000 from Operation Catapult. She got $21,000 for Embry. has been invited to apply for honors program and full scholarship at Mines (but she got turned off after visiting campus). I think she has full scholarship at UTD because of her stats and class rank.
I asked how many 1940 scholarships they were giving out and they were unable to tell me.

UTD: My DD has looked small, engineering only campus by design. She is looking for teachers and small group class, no weed outs, no TA. An extra bonus for RHIT, it is a teaching university and she really, really wants to focus on learning. She is in a PBL school and it has informed some of her choices. UTD is a large campus. It is in TX and the ME outcomes are focused on gas and oil, she wants to explore different horizons. The ME at UTD is fairly recent and is now ABET accredited. She interned there last summer and was bummed by the size of the machine shop. (they are building a very large building and facilities to host an expanding ME department so I have no doubt that it will grow and be stronger in time) It is not the caliber of the other schools she is looking at in Mechanical Engineering at this point. She applied to Cal Poly SLO at my request, we haven’t visited, will if she gets in.
In short, it is more a question of fit than anything else. Well, money too once we have all the data from all the schools as how much we will invest is pretty much established.

As for Class of 1940 Scholarships, I think they are few and far between. Not many people receive them. However, there are on-campus jobs such as working the Phonathon, working for Homework Hotline and grading for professors that do not require work-study and could make it more affordable. Although Rose comes with a price tag, I think if it is one of her top schools, then she should still weigh the pros and cons of each school. It could still be a viable option and debt gets paid off fast when you’re an engineering grad from one of the best schools in the country.

She hasn’t heard back yet for the 1940 Scholarship nor the FIRST. I wonder if they let people know when they don’t get it.
Rose is tied first choice with Olin.
She is at the Candidate Weekend now and I’ll know more about the financials once they meet with the financial aid office.
You’re right it’s not all about money. It’s also about a good fit and a great education.
It will be clearer as we get a better financial picture for each university.

I wondered the same thing.

They will let you know if you have not received the scholarships.

Has anyone heard back after initial scholarship interviews?

Have they already notified the first round for Class of 40 and done those interviews?

@DecisionTime2018 . I had an initial interview for the Carl and Mildred Carson Scholarship only so far.

She was not contacted for an interview for the 1940. Were you @goodsense?

For FIRST, we do know they contacted her recommender fairly soon after she applied.

Did not have any interview for 1940 :frowning: .
I got emails about not being selected for the scholarships :frowning: