Miami University Early Decision and Early Action 2024

Starting this thread for students and parents who want to see stats and admissions decisions. Feel free to share your stats and when admissions decisions are released, let us know!

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@jayrow Any idea when early admission decisions might be released? Thanks!

I am an international student and I applied EA.
I am hoping that I get a decision soon.
Any idea when they do come out?

I think it’s 12/15 for apps submitted by 11/1.

Have any of the Early Decision applicants heard yet? Decisions are due out by tomorrow.
Early Action Decisions are due to come out by Dec. 15


Early Decision students should have been notified December 1. I was hoping some of them would post in this group and tell us their stats. No one has joined. My daughter applied EA. Those decisions are due 12/15. Does anyone have experience with Miami? Do they usually come out on that date or a little earlier? When my son was applying to college a few years ago, it seemed like most decisions came out on a Friday night which means they’d probably come out on the 13th, but again, I don’t have experience with Miami. If anyone who got an ED decision would like to post, did yours come out on Sunday the first?

My DS20 is not an ED applicant but my understanding from CC threads and some facebook pages is that miami will release at 12:01am EST on the 15th for EA. I believe the ED applicants heard at 12:01am on 12/1. There are very few ED applicants which may be why there have been no responses here from them. Good luck to your daughter! I will post once we receive news next week. :slight_smile:

MY DS20 is also an EA Applicant. Fingers crossed.

Anyone know when EA comes out? Thanks.

Should be released midnight the 15th. Does anyone know when merit awards and scholarship decisions (e.g., Bridges) come out? Is it with acceptance letter or, if not, how long after typically?

Hey, fellow bridges member here!

Is anyone an international student?

Hi everyone, I am unable to answer most of these questions as this is my first child to apply to Miami. I’m not sure how anything has worked in the past. Hopefully as this week progresses, more people will join our group and give us insight in past years, honors programs, and other international students. :smile:

My daughter EA too. Wait for next week’s decision.

I emailed my admissions rep about a month ago and she said that merit awards will be sent in the mail a week after 12/15. The first round of Honors and Scholars decisions comes out on 12/15 along with the admissions decisions. Apparently there are a few more rounds in January and February for Honors and Scholars, though. Those who make it to the next round of Presidential Fellows will be notified the week of 1/13.

I got in!

@September11 ED or EA?

Earlier in the thread he said early action.

September11 how did you find out, portal or email?

Oh sorry I did not see the comment earlier. Yes, how did you find out? Interesting if they are releasing EA this early