Michigan State University Early Action for Fall 2024 Admissions

This is the official thread for those applying EA to Michigan State University.

List your unweighted GPA, any SAT /ACT scores, and ECs. What majors are you going into?
Ask your questions, the CC community is here to help!

My kiddo submitted on Friday. 3.91 weighted, 3.85 unweighted. 1120 SAT but did not submit. 1 AP class with a four on the test. Not a superstar student like many on this board will be, but I am hopeful she will get in. I am an alum and she has two tours/visits. MSU is her first choice. Not sure what she will study, but interested in something technical like engineering or packaging. Hoping she hears soon since she submitted so early!

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My daughter just submitted her Common App, so now we wait. She will be a business major (hopefully DA to Broad), and here are her stats: OOS, GPA 4.3W/3.98UW, SAT 1480, 7APs.

If interested in engineering it’s better to have picked engineering so she would be housed with the engineers first year… helped my kid a lot

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Does anyone know how MSU re-calculates GPA? When we were at Green & White Days, during the business school session a question was asked about whether they look at weighted or unweighted GPA and the admissions person said something along the lines of “Admissions recalcuates GPA, we don’t know how they do it, and we take whatever they give us; we don’t do any calcuations.”
I would love to know how they calculate the GPA for admissions purposes and for merit $.

My daughter is nervous about living in the CORE dorm because she doesn’t want engineering to be her entire life. Given what I know about the challenging curriculum, it will definitely help to have peers and tutors nearby.

Does MSU require all test scores from different dates be submitted? Their admissions page doesn’t say that but my daughter said the common app asks for all your scores. I know they don’t superscore also.

S24 applied via common app and counselor uploaded all the things yesterday. 4.07 weighted with 4 APs completed (all 4’s) and 2 more AP this year.