Mills Class of 2020 applied/accepted thread

I don’t know how to make one of these!
But, surprisingly I got my acceptance email yesterday!

About me:
I’m very local to Mills
3.65 UC GPA, 1930 SAT Score (1950 super scored)
5 AP Classes
Stellar letters of rec from a counselor and a dear teacher
Decent ECs
Had an interview
Applied to international relations
Common app submitted two weeks ago and my rec was in last Thursday (I wasn’t going for EA)

My post is kinda messy but I hope to meet other admitted students!

My daughter was admitted to Mills, her acceptance letter came a week ago.

About her: Southern CA
3.8 Weighted, school doesn’t rank or do unweighted - 1860 SAT
3 honors, 3 AP
Not sure what recommenders said but they love her
Interesting EC’s social justice leadership, scuba diver since 8th grade and vounteered in many local aquariums, doing research and other stuff, junior guards for years, very strong swimmer - knows everything about ocean life
Strong advocate for people with disabilities, other underprivileged populations
Did have interview
Sociology major

Mills is her top choice school, although she is awaiting other offers as well.

We are so excited to report that my D received 24,000 per semester scholarship for the Provost award. This makes it a most definite possibility to attend. She is very excited as are we. I think it’s a very good chance she will be attending Mills in the fall. Good luck to all. D will attend the overnight in February. Hope all will too!

Got acceptance last night via email. We are so excited!
Not great in GPA and SAT scores, but appealed my enthusiasm at the interview.
The Admission Officer was great helping me to be accepted.
Applied towards International Relations and very interested in Model United Nations activities.
I am local and most likely to attend this school!

@netter11 Your daughter sounds really cool! I too am very dedicated to social justice and advocating for disabled people! She’ll fit right in at Mills! Mills is my top choice too but I’m going to hold out until March when UCs/CSUs decisions come out, and to find out about scholarships at my other private schools. I got that scholarship as well! I’m hoping that with other financial aid it’ll bring my cost down to that of a state school (a bit of a reach, but a girl can dream!) I’ll be at the overnight as well!

@yukimimi Yay :slight_smile: I love the East Bay and literally never want to leave (but at the same time I obviously want to, majoring in IR and all!) so Mills is ideal. Have you visited the campus before? It’s really pretty. It’s very close to and the Oakland Airport.

I was worried about my grades and scores as well, but I agree the interview helps! I felt like I was talking to a friend.

Anyone going for the overnight in February?

@mech423 I’ll be there! I signed up as soon as I was accepted in November and I still haven’t gotten any info about it yet!

My daughter received some information about the weekend, check your email or contact the school. Just came in recently @mech423

@netter11 thanks, I just checked my email, I guess I must’ve missed it. Ugh, we don’t get beds!!

lol unfortunately I think that’s typical for a college visit. you better get a nice sleeping bag! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just got in! Not sure if I’ll attend since a majority of my decisions aren’t here yet.
3.3 GPA as of Junior Yr
2000 SAT
English Major :slight_smile:

@kashkat when did you apply?


@mech423 I applied in late December!

Ah ok, I applied on the day of the RD deadline haha. I actually got good news a couple weeks ago! Very excited for the overnight now.