Monroe Scholars and Early Decision

Hi! If I was accepted into WM ED I, when would I found out if I was accepted as a monroe scholar? Thanks!

Congratulations! Monroe Scholars are either notified with the ED acceptance or later in the process - sometime around end of February or early March after the RD decisions are more clear.

I am a class of 2025 monroe scholar, I got my notification at the beginning of march with my admission.


We just received a Monroe Scholar acceptance. Very excited to learn more about the program.


We also just received Monroe Scholar acceptance. We are very excited. Do any Monroe scholars know if that also means we are no longer in consideration for the William & Mary Scholars Award?


S22 just received W&M acceptance and Monroe Scholar notification. So excited! Congrats to all! :partying_face:


Did anyone attend the Monroe Scholars admitted students day last weekend? D22 was accepted but we couldn’t make it. We visited the campus this week and it was great. Looking for some more detail on the program. How many students are part of the program? What is the extent of the program? Trying to understand the involvement of the program academically and socially so she can factor that into her decision- any help appreciated!!

Congratulations! I’m not sure if anything changed this year, but Monroe Scholar offers are typically made to about 10% of the incoming class. It’s not as big of a deal as some school’s honor’s programs. There are 2 dorms that Monroe Scholars are given preference to - Monroe (larger standard dorm with a big attic space) and Willis (smaller but has A/C). Both are near classes and Colonial Williamsburg.

Scholars are also given priority registration for 2 classes first semester freshman year. There is guaranteed summer grant money ($3,000) for either Sophomore of Junior year and Scholars can apply for a $1,000 award Freshman year. I think they are also assigned more senior professors as advisors.