Monroe Scholars and W&M Culture

I have recently been accepted into the class of 2023 as a Monroe Scholar and am wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of living in the honors freshman dorms. Do you feel secluded from everyone else or does it provide a much more dynamic (albeit more studious) atmosphere living on old campus? Would love to hear from a student perspective on how Monroe scholars are treated differently (if at all) by professors and other students, or if it makes any difference at all. Thanks!

Not a student, just the parent of a freshman Monroe Scholar. I had already asked her about this, and was glad to hear that she had not experienced any negatives about Monroe Scholar status. The dorm is in a great location but there are several others nearby, so it wasn’t at all isolated. Lots of hallway bonding. It may be a slightly more studious and quieter environment, but there seems to be plenty of social activity. Definitely not a place where nerdy outcasts are skulking in their rooms whenever they aren’t in class.

She hasn’t perceived any social stigma, which definitely existed at U.Va. regarding the Echols Scholars when I was there in the 1980s. Monroe Scholars don’t get as many perks as Echols at U.Va., though.

@funsizedsavage How did you learn that you were accepted as a Monroe Scholar? I was also accepted and I was wondering how the College let you know that you were a Monroe Scholar?

@NilaLeslib13 I received an email last week from Tim Wolfe (the Dean of Admissions) saying that he had read my application and that I would be receiving extra good news about Monroe scholars in the spring (he said to do more research on it)

@funsizedsavage Wow. Congrats! I didn’t get that email. I wonder if that means I wont be accepted as a Monroe Scholar…

@NilaLeslib13 he definitely made a point by saying the final list even for ED applicants hadn’t been certified yet. He just said that he is almost certain I will be included in that group. Really hope you get it too!

@NilaLeslib13 @funsizedsavage did you apply for Monroe Scholars or is that something that they identify you for?

@catmomof3 They identify it for you. Each application (ED or RD) are eligible. Official notice will probably come out at the time of regular admission decisions in March.

Hi there, I graduated as a monroe scholar in 2017. THERE IS NO DISADVANTAGE TO LIVING IN MONROE— in fact, it was one of the best decisions of my undergraduate career. There’s no stigma-- only about 1/2 of the people living there are monroe scholars. The structure of the dorm fosters friendship and collaboration-- I met my best friend and current fiance down the hall from me in Monroe. It makes absolutely no difference to professors or students, and no one will know unless you tell them. Moreover, both of my monroe projects were instrumental in getting me into grad/ med school. I can’t advise living in Monroe enough- the central location and beauty make it worth living in alone.

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Hi BS17MA18…

D18 received an Email last week telling her she has qualified as a Monroe Scholar. I see that you valued the experience.

Is living at Monroe an option all 4 years as a part of the program?

Did you do any of your reasearch over the summers? If so do they include housing for that period?

Monroe Hall is just for freshmen. But many students form “blocks” of friends and roommates for subsequent years, so housing isn’t as individually random as at some schools.

The Monroe research project money can be spent in many ways, including housing expenses while traveling to pursue the research. These aren’t on-campus projects where students live in dorms.


I like the flex nature of the housing and the Monroe Scholars sounds like a nice option as well…

There was mention of additional information on the Monroe Scholars via postal mail. Has anyone received anything more on this yet?

Just got a Monroe Scholar specific email today with an invitation to the special Monroe Scholars visit day. I think something will come in the mail too but we haven’t received that yet.

I know D18 registered for an Admitted Students day for April 13th about a week ago. While I noticed they referred to the Monroe Scholars Visit as a weekend. Is there a seperate registration for this?

We received a separate email about registering for a Monroe Scholars event on the 13th. My daughter had already registered for the Admitted Students day that Saturday, and then received an email about a Monroe event that starts at 4pm that day.

Yes, the Monroe scholars attend the regular admitted students events and then stay on for the Monroe events. We thought it was worth attending both (though I only came to the welcome assemblies for each, and then wandered around Colonial Williamsburg).

Yes D18 has registered for both days. First thought the Sat registration was enough for both days until the next email included the Monroe events late Saturday into Sunday.

Anyone else planning on attending the weekend of April the 13th events?

Where from?

We are attending from Kentucky and are registered for both events!

I’m glad someone started this. My son was just accepted to WM last Saturday. With his grades (4.80) and standardized scores (1520 SAT, 34 ACT) and extra-curriculars, I just assumed he would be part of the Monroe Scholars. Anyone know what is the criteria? It seems vague in the website description.