Moved post...

Moderator, please let this post stay here…it was moved earlier but has gotten few views and only one reply all day today. The hive mind here in the cafe is likely to get my question answered…here goes; Just noticed this awhile back. When I reply to a post and attempt to put a carriage return (errr, paragraph break) by hitting return, anything after that point doesn’t end up showing up in the post. I see it in the reply box, but after I hit post it’s gone! Anyone else? I’m posting from my iPhone, if that matters.

I use an iPhone too. I haven’t noticed it, but maybe I didn’t post much today.

Did you try posting in the Forum Issues thread? (Edited to add: this was my complete 2nd paragraph, so maybe it’s an intermittant issue).

@CCadmin_Sorin, could you look into this, please?

@austinmshauri yes…my post was moved there almost immediately. It only got 1 reply, with no resolution. Thx for your reply. I am going to try to add a second paragraph now…we shall see if it’s indeed intermittent.


Oh my!!! There it is! I guess it is intermittent?!!

@MaineLonghorn I’m not sure if your post got it fixed, or if it truly is just intermittent…,but thank you for stepping in!

I can’t do anything - I wish I could!

I haven’t had this problem.

I post most often on an iPhone 6s.