My chances at getting into competitive schools

Hi everyone, I am in the class of 2021 and I am wondering my chances at getting into competitive schools like: Boston College, Boston University, Holy Cross, Florida, GW, Wake Forest, Colgate, Notre Dame, UVA, Bucknell, etc. Here is some info about me:

-GPA: 4.3 (we do not have unweighted/weighted we use our own scale)
-We do not have class rank, but I am in a society for top academic performers specific so my school.
-Sports: 4 year varsity player + club sport for 8 years
-Extracurriculars: Model UN, School newspaper (senior year president, but held exec board position for 3 years), Business club (treasurer), peer mentor program, math league, NHS, Science NHS, History NHS, own my own Redbubble shop (have sold over 300 products), over 100+ hours of community service.
-APs graduated with: 5 (can’t take until junior year)
-SAT/ACT: I am taking it in August, but based on practice tests it will most likely be in the mid 1400s.
-Intended major: Business/ Finance
-Ethnicity (if this helps): Caucasian (European and Middle Eastern)

If anyone could help me determine what type of school Wake would be for me, that would help. I am thinking probably a reach, but it is definitely a school I would be very happy to attend.

It’s hard to tell without an understanding of your GPA scale, but I’d say most of these schools are matches. ND, UVA, and Wake are probably reaches, but not too far away. IF you love Wake, consider EA or ED.
Best of luck!

In general, most are high matches or low reaches, with a couple of reaches. That is assuming that your GPA is equivalent to 3.9 or so on a 4.0 scale.

What are you looking for in a college? The list is kind of a mishmash of colleges of different characteristics.

Notre Dame - reach

Boston University - reach

UVA - instate low reach/high match, OOS reach

Boston College - low reach/high match

Colgate - low reach/ high match

Wake forest - low reach/high match

Florida - high match.

Bucknell - high match

Holy Cross - high match

GW - Match

Of course you should check out your college’s Naviance, since it will give you a better idea as to what your chances are.

Thanks so much!

What are you looking for in a college? There is a big difference in size and location of the schools you mentioned. Colgate, Holy Cross and Bucknell are fairly similar in terms of size but Holy Cross is in a city, Bucknell and Hamilton students double the population of their respective towns. Boston University has 32,500 students which is ten times the number at Colgate. I would look more at fit and see what you’re looking for because someone looking for 30,000 in a large city won’t necessarily be happy in a place with 3,000 students in a rural village with 4,000 residents.

“we use our own scale”

How many A’s do you have and how many B’s do you have? Do you have anything lower than a B?

I have all A’s. I guess that would be a 4.0 on a regular unweighted scale.

Yeah, I can totally understand why you would think that. I am definitely looking for a strong business/ economics program. Size is not really a factor for me, it is more the overall vibe of the school (if that makes sense). I have gotten a chance to visit a bunch of these college, so that also helps.