named scholarships?

Has anyone heard anything about these recently? I am wondering if they notify kids either way or only if they are selected to interview.

Just wondering again if anyone has heard one way or the other regarding the named scholarships.

Not yet.

My daughter sent them an email asking for an update today.

Rose has replied that they’ve already done a first round of interviews and that if they don’t find someone they will go back to the list.

Ouch. I thought they would at least send a “thank you for applying, but no” message. Did she only apply for the Class of 1940 or was she also in the Circle of Distinction pool?

She had applied to the FIRST scholarships as well. I don’t remember seeing an option to apply for Circle of Distinction.

Is it something they selected you for or you applied?

I guess they won’t say officially no until they have had the recipients accept the scholarships.

I think overall I was naive in thinking she had a pretty unique profile that would interest them. Not that there are not plenty of other worthy candidates.

She’s waiting on admission results with her other top 1 choice (Olin). She did make the first round for candidates and they offer automatic 50% tuition which makes it more affordable that Rose.

It’s ironic that except for Cal Poly SLO, she has better offers everywhere else but Rose remains her top tied with Olin. Still, now we also need to look at the financials.

Circle of Distinction was by invitation…and he didn’t receive that invite, either. He only applied for Class of 1940 since it was all he could apply for. I hear you regarding the thoughts about the profile–but all kids who apply to Rose are strong. I am just disappointed that there wasn’t at least a note acknowledging receipt and thanking him for applying. I can’t imagine they “won’t find anyone” from the pool of interviewees, so I’m letting the possibility go. We will have to decide based on $$ as well. Challenging, huh?

So she did receive very recently a negative response thanking her for the time and effort made into applying to the Class of 1940.
Good luck for decision time. Mine is completely on the fence…