NC State Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

One time release at the end of Jan for early decision. March (I think) for regular admission.

Thank you.

One time release for all CoE, A, & S. Design, etc might have a different process. They usually release at the end of the third week, or the week before the last in January.

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Anyone anxious for decisions to come out? How many applied engineering?

Very Anxious, NC State seems like a bit of a wildcard for us! Just another week and a half.

very anxious. My son applied for CS through the engineering department. He has been through so much as a kid…praying he gets in. He as the STATS bus is from Wake county.

sorry for the typos…seems to be no way to edit. but yes very anxious

Thought they released decisions on the 30th? Isn’t that 2 weeks still?

Same! I’m from Wake County and applied for CS as well. What are his stats if you don’t mind?

AP classes like Physics 1, Physics C, Cal AB, Cal BC, Computer Science and a few humanities,
a ton of volunteer work for cancer research at NC state, swims up to 20 hours a week with the #1 swim team in the country, was selected for the NASA academy between his 9th and 10th grade. He pulled this off even though he has a DVPO against his father until he is 20. I wish they would increase the number of kids allowed into this program.

The 30th is a Sunday and someone posted earlier that the expectation was the 28th. I hope they were right!

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Oh wow, he definitely has a great chance! Did he submit SAT?

Last year EA decisions were released on the 22nd…. third Friday in Jan. Just sayin’…… could be THIS Friday!!!