NC State Fall 2020 Transfer Thread

Hey guys, I’m attending an NC community college looking to transfer into Computer Science as a junior for fall 2020. Here are my stats/ECs as of fall 2019 semester:

White male, middle class family - applying for financial aid
High school GPA: 3.5 unweighted, no APs
College GPA: 3.75
SAT: 1320 (May or may not send, undecided)
Will transfer in with an Associate in Science degree completed
Gap year after high school in which I worked full time to save tuition money

In high school:
SeaPerch team captain for 2 yrs (underwater robotics competitions)
CyberPatriot team captain for 3yrs (cybersecurity competitions)
4 years of NJROTC (tons of community service)

In college:
Vice President of Student Government
Will be employed as a physics tutor for spring 2020 semester
Lots of volunteer work with local veterans organization
Started a summer STEM program teaching middle schoolers how to build underwater robots
Employed over the summer as a student ambassador for my college (helped with admissions, campus tours, that kind of thing)
Have been running an oldies radio station for the past couple years

Applying to:
North Carolina State University (College of Engineering)
UNC-Chapel Hill
Northeastern University
Ohio State University
College of William and Mary

Looking forward to being a part of this admissions cycle with you guys, fingers crossed!

Hi guys! I am a sophomore at an NC community college. I attended Wake Tech last year and Cape Fear currently. I am applying as a communications (more specifically, public relations) major, which is in the school of humanities and social sciences.

I will have my associates completed by the time I transfer in if accepted, therefor will not be submitting high school coursework or transcripts.

Wake Tech Gpa: 3.3
Cape Fear Gpa: 3.53

College ECs
-Established a homeless ministry in Wilmington NC.
-Group member of the “Delight” group at UNCW
-Volunteer at local food bank
-Was employed full time at a hotel (while at Wake Tech)
-Currently employed part time at the YMCA
-Currently employed part time as a Nursery Supervisor at my local church

Already was accepted into

@chinamen Your stats sound great and I believe that you have a firm chance on gaining admission! I wish you the best of luck! We are all in this together! :smiley:

I’m a freshman from Miami, Florida looking to transfer as a Sophmore for Fall 2020. My major is Psych

I am Hispanic and female

If i finish off with the grades I am predicting I should have an overall gpa of 3.86 by the end of Fall

By the end of the spring semester i should have about 31 credits and I am a member of multiple clubs at my university. I also work 4 days a week for two different mothers.

In high school I was a member of multiple clubs, completed over 200 service hours, was a member of the National Art Honors Society, and had a cumulative gpa of 3.85

I am hoping to raise my ACT test score by retaking it next week…

fingers crossed i get in!!!

update: grades just went in and I have a 3.73 at cape fear, not a 3.53 :slight_smile:

Current/Former college (s) - Wake Tech
College GPA - 3.750
Credits Earned - 64

Degrees Earned or Seeking - Associate’s Degree in Science from WTCC

Intended Major (what you plan to major in a NC State) - Animal Science

Awards & Achievements in College - President’s list, graduated Wake Tech with honors

Volunteer or work experience - General SPCA volunteer and part-time student employee at Wake Tech

Classes and Grades -

Core classes for competition
BIO 111 - B
BIO 112 - C
ENG 111 - A
ENG 112 - A
CHM 151 - B
CHM 152 - A
MAT 171 (Pre-calculus) - A
MAT 263 (Brief calculus) - A

PSY 150 - A
ACA 122 (WTCC required course) - A
SOC 210 - A
ECO 251 - A
PHI 240 - A
HIS 111 - A
HUM 110 - A
COM 110 - A
ART 114 - A
HIS 112 - A
MUS 110 - A
CHM 090 - A
ART 111 - A

Other stats - I have two W’s on my transcript from withdrawing from two math classes before taking them again and a co-requisite that doesn’t count which was CHM 090 that I didn’t take in high school.

Update to my stats, finished last semester with a 3.93 GPA and that brings my cumulative GPA to 3.81. Y’all look like great applicants. Fingers crossed for us all!

@chinamen thanks! Your student profile looks awesome. No worries, we all got this, it’s just a waiting game now. Good luck!

Hello, reading all of your profiles have gotten me nervous… But it’s showing me other people’s dedication and the reality of the admission competition! I’m not experienced in the ways of this system but I think all of the profiles mentioned thus far have great if not awesome chances of entering NCSU.

For further context, I have yet to fully submit my applications; I know I’m late. For anyone reading, the transfer application deadline for NCSU through the Common Application is the 15th of February 2020. It’s the 26th of January 2020 as I write this.

Also, as you may have inferred from earlier, I’m one of the hopefuls trying to transfer from a community college in NC! I’m posting this so that future fretful students scouring these forums can find someone they’re similar to, and see how they did in the admissions process… Because that’s what I’m doing right now!

Intended Major: Political Science
College GPA: 3.95
Credits Earned: 62
Current/Former College: Durham Technical Community College

Completed an Associate’s in Arts (for transfer); will not be submitting any high school transcripts or SAT scores or the like.

Asian Female, Filipino.

Applying to:
UNC-Chapel Hill
North Carolina State University
North Carolina Central University

I’m hoping I get into at least 1 of the 3.
I also hope all of you will get the choices you want, too, because you all sound like great people.

@seizethesilver your profile looks amazing. There’s no need to worry, it’s just your self-doubt or nervousness that’s blocking you from seeing that you have a lot of potential to get into NC State or the other universities. If you followed the pathway plan and transfer requirements you will be fine. No worries, just relax and know that the hardest part was you earning your degrees, while getting accepted into NCSU will be a breeze. Good luck and no worries! I hope this helps.

HS GPA: 3.0

  • huge upward trend, 4.0 last two years
    HS Extracurriculars
    -Wake forest summer immersion program

ACT: 30

College GPA: 3.8
College extracurricular:
-Honors Program
-Berry academy ( mentoring and tutoring for 5th grades)
-Office of pre-health professions
-Bio club
-study abroad

Would be showing 28 credits
42 credits at the end of my freshman year. Not so sure if they will ask for my high school grades!

@blackchampion what’s your intended major for NC State?

Hey guys! I posted earlier in here but there was an error in my stats. Here is my post from the other thread with the correct info! :slight_smile: all of your profiles look great, its going to be a competitive year!

former college: wake tech cc

credits earned at wake tech: 26

wake tech gpa: 3.23

current college: cape fear cc

credits earned at cape fear: 18, will have 36 by may

cape fear gpa: 3.79

degree earned or seeking: associates in arts. will be completed may 2020

intended major at nc state: communications with focus in public relations (within the school of humanities)

experiences (work/volunteer etc):
founded a ministry for the homeless in Wilmington NC (2019)
employed part time at YMCA currently (2019-present)
was employed full time while at wake tech (2019)
run a clothing reselling business (2017-present)
over 200 hours of volunteer work at ymca (2015-2016)
nursery supervisor at local church (2018-present)
volunteer at food bank of central and eastern nc when available (2018-present).

spirit to serve award from Marriott hotels (2019)
deans list at wake tech & cape fear
offered admission into the National Society of Leadership and success (offered to top 5% of wake tech students)
submitted a letter of recommendation from a recent professor

classes and grades:

ACA 122: A
ENG 111: A
HIS 131: A
PSY 150: B
SOC 210: A

ART 111: B
BUS 110: A
ENG 112: C
GEL 111: C

MAT 171: W (summer session)

BUS 137: A
MAT 171: B
COM 110: A
CIS 110: A
PHI 240: A
PED 110: A


ANT 210
ANT 220
COM 120
MUS 110
POL 210
SOC 220

psychology :slight_smile: @owlLena97

@blackchampion your stats look amazing. They will on ask for your high school grades if you under the age of 21 or have less than 30 hours as an international student. Just focus on finishing this semester with A’s and B’s or preferably A’s and you will have nothing to worry about as long as you are take classes that are coursework specific regarding you psych major. Good luck.

If it makes anyone feel any better I heard through the grapevine that you are considered a competitive applicant when you have a GPA of 3.5 and higher. It just becomes about the fact that you followed the requirements to transfer in that major and other applicants applying for that major. Basically if you have a good GPA and took specific courses pertaining to the major, you should be fine. Good luck everyone.

Honest Question from an Active Duty military member…

I get out of the military soon. I only have about, 9-12 credits under my belt. I missed the deadline to apply as a Undergrad for NC State. (I know, I suck.) Anyways, I want to attend but I’m thinking Community College won’t be a bad idea after all. They already said I wont get accepted into the C3 program (like that matters?..) But I was reading the website and it says that NC State favors Associates Degrees when transferring. However, the requirement is only 30 credit hours. I only have so much military benefits lol… Anyways, why can’t I just go in community college for 2 semesters and get my competative degree requirements then transfer straight to NC State? Is it due to the fact its just…preference? Competative? Like, why go to community college for FOUR years… That just seems like a waste of time if I’m truly aiming to get my B.S. in 3 years. Right? Am I missing something or is it really this easy? And if its this easy then why are you guys getting Associate degrees to begin with?

Hey guys, can someone chance give me an idea of what my chances are:

NC Community College Transfer with an AS Degree completed.
GPA: 3.79
Credits: 70+

Science/math classes taken:
Pre-calc A
Trig B+
Calc 1 A
Calc 2 A
Calc 3 still taking

Chem 1 B
Chem 2 A
Physics 1 A
Physics 2 still taking

Deans lists entire time, PTK honor society, and serving in the US military reserves (partially during high school) I have worked numerous jobs in retail/fast food since high school. I also played football my last two years of high school.

I know I don’t have many extra curricular but I came from a low-income family and I worked to help them during my time in high school.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

My intended major is computer science btw.

Competitive as far as grades go, I believe. I hope you elaborated a bit about your lack of access to extracurricular activities in your application, but your application sounds relatively strong anyway.