New Mercersburg Families?

I have a new Mercersburg sophomore (DD4), so will be heading to campus on August 29th, and will be in Hagerstown on August 28th. We are also a “returning” Mercersburg family, as my DD2 is a returning junior and my (other) DD4 is a returning sophomore. So we’ll be at “new family” drop-off, even though this will be our third drop-off. :slight_smile:
Is anyone going to be in Hagerstown on August 28th?
If so, drop me a direct message so we can connect!
I hope everyone has a great fall!!!

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Hi Calliemomofgirls, new to this site and was wondering if you would be willing to discuss your girls stay at Mercersburg. I am looking for next year and would appreciate any insights you may have.

I would be happy to talk about Mercersburg!
For the past three years, I’ve had one daughter join Mercersburg so now I have three girls there! What I love most is that they are all three very different kids, and they all found their path at Mercersburg and all three really love it.
I’ve posted a fair amount about our experiences there, so feel free to do a quick search and you’ll get lots more info that way too.
Or, feel free to ask questions, either here or via DM!