Non-Engineer attending Rose?

My uncle is an electrical engineer, and he would like for me to attend Rose or Georgia Tech (because GT is closer to home). I would like to be a physical therapist, and since there isn’t a physical therapy major, I would like to major in computer science. Rose seems like one of the best schools for my major, but I don’t think that I should apply because I don’t have an interest in becoming an engineer. Should I still consider Rose?

If you’re certain that you want to be a physical therapy major, and you’re confident that you will be able to find work after college, then go somewhere that is known for physical therapy, not engineering. Why would you want to be here for four years and play a lot of money for something that is barley helping you towards your goal. It’s like going to Walmart to buy a car, you may get some pieces, but you’d be better off going somewhere that sells cars.

Rose is a great place…for engineers. Go where you want to go, not where your uncle thinks you should go.

I would add that if your question is strictly “is Rose good for CS, or just engineering?”, I believe that Rose is order of magnitude just as good for CS as it is for engineering.

But I agree the main question is - do you really want to major in CS?

I guess your post has me a little bit confused.

Agree with @thshadow and @gemivnet …if anyone is considering going to Rose but doesn’t actually want to do STEM, going through the degree without any interest in the material is going to be really rough. Not advised.

My oldest D looked into PT school and I would not recommend Rose or GT or any primarily tech school. Even though PT schools don’t require a certain major, they do require a lot of specific courses that may be hard to find at tech schools. Even if those schools have the needed classes, I don’t think there’s any way you could graduate in four years with all the CS requirements plus the PT requirements. I would suggest a biology major or better yet a school with a direct entry 3+3 program – that eliminates the stress of worrying about PT school acceptance and shaves off a year of school/debt. Good luck!