Northeastern Admissions Regular Decision Fall 2022

Does anyone get their scholarship amount adjusted to National Merit scholarship?

wanted to ask same question

Yes. Although my daughter decided not to go, her dean scholarship was updated from $20,000 to $25,000
You needed to have them as first choice by May 1st
Otherwise you need to call

thank you for the info

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I called NEU today, was told that they are waiting for the rooster from NMC, but NEU was listed as the first choice of school before May 1st, not sure where is the disconnect. I am waiting for NEU to get back to me.

It showed up automatically in the financial aid page for my daughter
I am sure you already checked


I checked, it didn’t show up. Waiting for financial aid office to get back to me.

Best of luck and congratulations
Great school and extremely selective this year

late response! but is it true the URL changes to PreDecision before anything is uploaded in the portal. My D is waitlisted and her portal currently says PreDecision

See :point_down: