Northeastern Class of 2025 Pre Regular Decision Discussion

hi y’all ik its kinda early but i haven’t seen an rd thread for northeastern for class of 2025 so i thought i’d make one :)) we can talk ab stats, questions, app process, and results when they eventually come out


Do you know when EA hears back? Or has anyone heard back yet?

i applied ea and i emailed them to ask. they said that ea applicants should hear back by 1st feb but in the past they usually release them like third or last week of January so maybe 20 something(th)?

hopefully it’s soon!

Hi everyone!!! Applied RD to NEU because I got a mailed fee waiver, and like their co-op program…

i feel like results are going to come out next wednesday(i think thats the 19th) based on previous years!

This is the RD thread.

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Shall the topic title be RD 2025?

the ea one was 2021 so i thought id leave it that way but i changed it lol

Hey I was wondering if anyone would chance me? I’m graduating a year early from hs, I’m taking rigorous courses in the context of my school. Ranked 2/131, 3.91 uw gpa. Not submitting sat. I’d say pretty good extracurriculars. Captain of two teams, several clubs, MUN awards. Average essay probably

A year early? Have you applied?

You have very good chance in my opinion.

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Yes I am a senior this year because I skipped junior year. I have applied, but had to do RD Bc they said they needed my mid year grades since I skipped a year.

Any predictions for when Northeastern releases regular decisions for 2021? The websites claims by 04/01, so it is most likely going to be in mid-to-late march. Any thoughts?

Last year it came March 26/27 iirc… I’d personally expect a delay till April 1st, just because there’s been an increase in apps to highly selective colleges…

i just got deferred from EA to regular so now im here


Did you mean your RD decision came out now?

EA decisions are out.

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NU IN for us. So tricky with Covid.

same :sleepy:

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Anyone know what percent of EA applicants are deferred by NEU, e.g., is it the default or does it mean there’s a chance?