Northeastern Class of 2027 Official Thread

This is the official discussion thread for Northeastern Class of 2027 RD applicants. Ask your questions and connect with fellow applicants.

RD Application Deadline is: January 1

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Do any of you know when admission results are expected to arrive?

EA? “By February 1”. Speculation is Wednesday, 1/25.

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If today is decision day, here are a few caveats:

Northeastern has never released decisions before 4 PM Eastern. In recent years the earliest decisions were released was 5 PM.

If you are following reddit or other social media, there will inevitably be people who will post that they got their decision say at noon or so. They are lying. There have even been a few doing that in here, but the mods take care of them if reported to them.

Decisions come out in waves on a more or less hourly basis. If people from Massachusetts start reporting their decision here at 5 PM and you are in California or Florida, you will not get your decision for a few hours. Don’t panic!

Also, if reporting your decision please post your stats and the state/country you are from. That is a CC tradition.

And remember, no guarantee that EA decisions come out today.


Anyone know when ED2 comes out?

Some people were saying tomorrow

Where did you hear that?

Discord, however someone on here emailed admissions and was told before February 15th

Ok cause if you go on the portal, it says you can change your thing to regular decision by the 13th so I’m thinking like on the 15th decisions posted maybe

Huh that seems likely then

does ED2 come out today?


so I will be a freshman at neu this fall (2023) and I really wanna live in International Village. does anyone have any idea which LLC is gonna get that dorm or is there a way to know?

Would anyone happen to know the acceptance rate for RD???

anyone know when RD decisions might come out?

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April 1st I am told.

Last year RD decisions were released on March 16th. They normally release decisions on a Wednesday. So, my best guess is that decisions will be released this Wednesday 3/15.

But EA decisions were delayed and there was a hiccup in their system that released a follow-up email to accepted students before the actual acceptance.

In other words, soon but no guaranteed date.


Any idea on the acceptance rates in RD?

Does anyone have an estimate for how much the Rural and Small Town Recognition Scholarship is worth? I applied ED 2 and need to submit an enrollment deposit before the scholarship is added to my account.

Piecing together information in the past it appears to be the same as EA. But they have not released the EA acceptance rate.