Northeastern University 2021 ED1

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This thread is for any discussion/decisions for ED1 admissions this year!

The official decision date is by December 15th, but historically decisions are released earlier, and typically on Wednesdays. If not on a Wednesday, nearly all release dates fall within Tuesday-Thursday. Decisions for ED will release all at one time across all time zones. Based on this, the most likely release date is December 9th, but could fall anywhere between 12/1 and 12/15.

Posting Decisions

To all those posting decisions, including the following info would be greatly helpful to people this year and especially in future years. The hope is to compile this information to give some numbers to future applicant pools. Feel free to post as much information of this as you are comfortable with. It shouldn’t have to be said, but numbers do not define you, this is only for statistical purposes. :slight_smile:


SAT/ACT (Superscore):

GPA (UW/W + Scale Info):



Did you apply for FA?:


Thanks and good luck to all!


Is there any chance that decisions will come out before the 9th?

Thank you! I can’t stop thinking about it either; literally every time my phone buzzes, I get anxious even though I know it’s definitely not an update. Good luck to you as well!

I’m super nervous about the decision. Did the early decision agreement date change for any of you?

@g1hatt, Yes! My son’s early decision agreement received date changed to 11/10 (they received it in October) and his completed date changed to 11/20. Anyone else?


yes, my son’s date changed to 11/20 in the top section and 11/10 on the bottom section. previously, it was the same date as all the other documents that were downloaded from common app. I think it’s just the date the application was reviewed and maybe a decision was made, but doesn’t indicate admission or rejection. There were a lot of comments on last year’s thread about this and it didn’t seem to correlate with the outcome. what did yours change to?

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Same with my daughter 11/20 on top 11/10 on bottom section for early decision agreement.
Anyone have any theories if there will be more or less ED applicants this year compared to last few?

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According to their website, they are looking to admit 50% of their incoming class through ED :slight_smile:

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Early in the season the reps were saying they expected fewer ED1 applicants for this year because of the uncertainties resulting from the pandemic. But they did a lot of marketing to encourage applicants to apply ED so who knows what the numbers will ultimately be.

Last year they had around 2900 ED1 and ED2 kids. By doing a little math, I’m projecting a generous 25% increase in ED apps (this is consistent with other schools and NEU had a 28% increase last year), and that’s still around 3700-3800 applications. If they stick to their word and take half the class (1400ish) as well offering about 600 Nuin acceptances, that’s over a 50% acceptance rate, and adjusting for athletes, I’d expect it to still be well into the 40s.

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NEU’s website says “up to 50%” of their class may come from ED. So those numbers would be the highest possible, if your other assumptions held true.

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On their website, they said that they expect to. On social media and in emails they’ve stated that they are enrolling half the class with ED, so I’d be surprised if it wasn’t at least 45% of the class. Last year, the acceptance rate for ED was similar to what I stated earlier.

I guess they must be saying different things in different places. I had only seen on their main “Admissions Deadlines and Decisions” website page where they say: “We expect to enroll up to half of our entering class through Early Decision—to calibrate, for the class entering Fall 2020, the ED admit rate was 32% compared to the overall admit rate of 20%.” Not that all of this matters…we have no idea how large the ED pool will be. More because of their push for ED? More because kids from last year deferred college? Less because international kids can’t be sure they can even come to the US? Less due to the fear of COVID in a big city? Less due to people wanting until April to make their decisions in this time of uncertainty? I’ve run the numbers in a few different ways myself. Guess we will see…

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Completely agree. I looked at the ED1 thread for Boston College and someone said that only 43% of ED admits submitted a test score, which seems kind of low. I know Duke reported having 60% of ED applicants submit a score. Perhaps students with higher scores are aiming higher since their score is possibly more valuable compared to other years? It’d be interesting to see where Northeastern falls on this scale.

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Hi everyone! I’m applying for ED as well. I have no seen any dates change for me :frowning: so I hope that is just a coincidence and not meaning I got denied. I love this school so much that if I get rejected it will literally break my heart. Can anyone else corroborate on the date theory? Would give me an ease of mind if more people don’t have the dates changed.
Thank You!

“…since their score is more valuable…” And that brings up a sore subject for me. NEU and many other schools said this year that you “won’t be disadvantaged if you don’t submit a score”. But that isn’t true. They said at an online presentation that if you got 1470 or higher on the SAT (the 25th percentile of their Admitted range), you should submit it because it will help you. Well, if it “helps” those who submit such a score, and the number of spots being offered are the same as past years, then by definition not submitting a score leaves one at a disadvantage. My child was only able to take the exam once…in October. Her 1400 was 97th percentile. Over the past three years, the 97th percentile was in the 1450-1480 range. So she unluckily had a rougher-than-normal curve to deal with. So she didn’t submit it. It’s amazing a 97th percentile result could hurt your chances. Fingers crossed…this wait is killing me.

Another data point: Notre Dame says only 50% of early applicants submitted test scores.

I don’t think it will hurt your D’s chances. Wishing you the best of luck!

Good luck to her. If the rest of her app is on par she should have no issue getting accepted.