NSLI-y 2021-2022

hm ok thank you!

Hi - I read a recent Facebook post that all applicants who are finalists to travel to Taiwan this year have been notified, and that anyone who hasn’t been notified can only be accepted into virtual study this year for Chinese language study. Does anyone know if this is indeed true?

korean summer has come out :stuck_out_tongue:

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@chrisindc Can you please share the link to the Facebook post? I heard this is true for summer… are you saying it also holds true for AY?

This platform won’t allow me to share links. It’s on a page oriented toward NSLI-Y Applicants and Alumni.

Hi! The group is called “NSLI-Y Applicant and Alumni Parents.” I’m a parent and am on it & there are applicants too. I didn’t see any signs of Taiwan being announced for AY. The only people who said they heard anything were summer applicants. My daughter applied for Mandarin for AY (or Hindi), so we are keeping an eye out. Good luck to you!

My son received an email today that he is a finalist for Mandarin AY in Taiwan


My daughter is also a finalist for Taiwan! Congrats to your son!


That’s great–congratulations! It sounds like a lot of decisions came out today. My daughter received hers for Hindi today and is so excited.

I’m hearing Chinese AY decisions state that program format is not formally decided and could be in-person, delayed, virtual or cancelled.

Does this impact anyone’s decision? For those whose children did virtual, was it viewed as valuable? I hear a whole group of students dropped out of a single virtual program last year.

was this for summer or AY?

It was for AY.

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Does anyone have a link to the NSLI-Y discord?

have any arabic summer offers been sent?

I don’t think so. As far as I know (from a discord of a few hundred applicants) for the summer program only Korean and Mandarin (Taiwan) abroad have been notified. All VSI programs (Arabic would be included) have yet to receive an update.

would you mind posting a link for the discord? I’m not on facebook and can’t find it anywhere. Thanks!

I received my email today that I am a Russian AY Finalist! Anyone else also in the same program?