NYU Shanghai Class of 2022

I am an international applicant who applied to NYU Shanghai. I realized that there is no discussion for NYU Shanghai for this incoming class, so figured it would be useful to make one. ED admits—I’m interested in hearing your opinions and reasoning for attending as well. Regular decision and ED2 applicants, feel free to post your stats and other info! Thanks!

I am not an applicant but I am from Shanghai. I would say my biased opinion that Shanghai is definitely the best city to go! It’s a fantastic choice. The location of school is right in the financial center with lots of great opportunities and the transportation is so convenient. Sorry for the distraction :slight_smile:

I got in regular decision to NYU Shanghai! Super excited, I’m hoping to go to admitted students weekend next month but they only have room for 150 students :confused:

Hi. My daughter got in last night and is very excited about the opportunity. I’m curious about the financial aid package and how stable I can expect it to be. Assuming our circumstances don’t change, will it really stay the same or is there a risk of bait and switch? I’d hate for the price to jump once she’s in the program. Any data on this available anywhere?

Any other comments or suggestions about the program?

Hello! I also have a question–so I got admitted to NYU Shanghai yesterday as well, but I applied for Stern NY as my primary choice and Shanghai as my alternate choice. Just worried, if I got accepted in Shanghai, does that mean that I am rejected from my primary choice? Thanks!

Hello, our D applied to NYU NYC in 2022 RD but never received rejection/acceptance. Instead she was accepted to Shanghai campus for some reason???

Our D then entered lottery and won trip to Shanghai to tour the school in April, but ultimately today we decided to forgo the trip and decline the college admittance offer, largely because of the timing in the college decisions process for all colleges and universities she is considering and has been accepted to. She still needs to hear back from several schools but Shanghai trip commitment was due earlier today (!)

The school seems too young, too remote, and too small for our taste. Would have been slightly more credible offer for us if the free trip was earlier in college decision process or the $4,000 was applied to FA instead of marketing a lottery college tour at the end of April (!) Another negative was complete lack of communication or outreach to us as prospective parents.