NYU Spring Transfer 2020

I know its early but I wanted to create this thread so people can share advice on transferring and I need the most advice since I am in a mess right now.

Hi! I am interested in applying as a spring 2020 transfer. I am curious if you can help me figure out my chances of being accepted into NYU.

I’m hoping to transfer into the NYU Tandon Business and Technology Management program.

International Student (from Indonesia)
Northeastern University D’Amore-Mckim School of Business (with a concentration in Management)

College GPA: 3.575
Spring 2018: 3.590
Fall 2018: 3.294
Spring 2019: 3.843
Credits: 63 credits
High School IB Score: 34/45
Dean’s List for spring 2019

Fundraising Officer in the Indonesian Student Association in Massachusetts
Director of Treasury in the Indonesian Student Association at Northeastern University
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO) of a food and beverage startup company in Indonesia
Internship in a major startup firm in Indonesia
Upcoming Co-op in a major E-Commerce firm in Boston (from July to December 2019)
Member of Northeastern’s Entrepreneurs Club
Member of Northeastern’s International Business Club

Good luck everyone and thank you!

@TransferNYU2020 Hi, I’m also an NEU student who is applying to NYU! This is the second time I’ll be applying to Gallatin. Not sure about Tandon, but why aren’t you applying to Stern or Steinhart? Since this is my second time applying I’ve kind of got a good idea about how this goes down. Your stats are good but the trick is to apply to a program with a higher acceptance rate and then do an internal transfer (takes longer but they are more accepting to NYU students). @loverose4565 Check out the transfer thread from fall 2019. it will give you a really good idea of how the whole thing goes down (you’ll see the most stressful part is just waiting for the decision :’) )! I got into USC this fall but I decided not to accept because the process to get a combined degree/two degrees was too risky to jeopardize my business degree I’m almost done with (going into my third year).

International Student (from Egypt and Belgium)
Northeastern University D’Amore-Mckim School of Business (with a concentration in Marketing and Design)
GPA: 3.68

Just remember, they’ll only take 32 credits when you’re transferring. Also you’ll probably take an extra year to graduate if you transfer .:frowning: For me, it’s worth it because NYU has been my dream school since I was 15. I applied to NEU Early Decision as a recommendation from my counselor in high school and took it because I was too anxious about getting rejected from NYU.

When can we start the Common App anyways? Anyone know anything about reapplication? All I know is the deadline is November 1st but I was hoping to work on it this summer. Good luck to you too!

This “trick” doesn’t always work, for example Stern:

I’m trying to apply as computer science major at nyu cas . Does anyone have any idea what they specifically look for. I’m attending hunter currently and it doesn’t have much to offer for computer science majors and that’s why I want to transfer.

Stern will be quite impossible for me due to my stats (below 3.7) and i think Tandon’s BTM program will be a close substitute for me as a sophomore transferring from a business school

Thinking about internally transferring from Gallatin to NYU.
Freshman Course: CAL II and Intro to microeconomics, which I believe would fit stern’s requirement and expectation the most. Now I am thinking about swapping CAL II to CAL III but that might be too challenging for me to get a good GPA.
After being accepted to NYU Gallatin I found myself more interested in career-orientating majors rather than things about history or literature, and my experience in my high school’s economics class was great.
I know it’s going to be tough but I will try it anyway to get a high GPA.
Also, I get some questions like: Will the admission office view my whole freshman GPA or just the first semester?
What things will be viewed except GPA? Are my high school GPA, SAT EC’S going to be viewed?
Thank you guys so much!

Oh I am planning to transfer from Gallatin to Stern. That was a typo.

Hello, I am also going to be applying as a transfer student in the spring of 2020.
I got rejected for the fall, but I figured I should apply again the spring.

College GPA 4.0/4.0
42 Credits (will be taking 23 this upcoming fall of 2019 at my cc)
My high school GPA was a 3.5
I was the president of my school’s Speech and Debate chapter, a student council member, I followed through with these clubs throughout college as well.
In high school, I took the SAT and I got a 1,100 /1,600 so I figured I should take it again or at least take the ACT.

I truly do not know what these schools look for, to be honest. I know plenty of my friends who got into NYU and had lower SAT’s than me… So it truly is just a luck game.

Forgot to mention, I am a gov. major

Geez, GPA 4.0 got rejected?? Your ECs look good, too? I have no idea why you got rejected.

Hey guys! I’m actually a transfer student planning to apply to NYU’S Undergraduate Film/TV program at the Tisch School of the Arts, since ever since I was a young child, I have always wanted to be a filmmaker. I have already been rejected twice (first time during senior year and second time during freshman year at Ramapo College of New Jersey). I ended high school with a 3.57 and I finished both of my first two semesters in College with a 4.0 (all A’s). I have also recently created my own video production brand under the name of Stollhouse Studios (you can check out my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj292Cq_716F3gDj-wKrpHg). I am going to try and join more extracurriculars this fall, but hopefully third time is the charm! Wish me luck!!!

Hi guys! Does anyone know if there will be a bigger chance if I apply for Spring other than Fall as a transfer? I’ve been hesitating because I heard that Fall semesters almost always have more slots for transfer than Spring does. Is this true? Does anyone have an idea? Thanks in advance for any sharing!!

@Ariannnyyy Is that because of your essay? How was that? I think they value the essay a lot as it reflects how clear planning and objective you have for studying at a new college. But yes I agree with you, sometimes it’s literally a game of chance. But I think you will make it this time because you have a competitive good GPA and EC!

NYU is a very large school and admits a wide spectrum of students but it’s not unexpected that an applicant with an 1100 SAT would have trouble being admitted. The 25th percentile of the freshmen had a 1350 SAT and anything below that is likely a “hooked” applicant or someone who really had a compelling life story.

NYU numbers here:

Transfer students are evaluated differently from freshman and a 4.0 might mean you’ve really rocked your college classes… or it might mean you took the easiest classes possible. I have to assume course rigor and the college you are transferring from has some influence on how favorably the admissions office views your transcript. Your essays and what you’ve done with your life in college so far will also help or hinder your application - your stats matter but they aren’t everything.

NYU is getting tougher to get into every year for freshmen - last year was brutal - and I think that will make it harder to transfer as well as many people who didn’t get in as freshmen will try to transfer in. If you’re turned down as a transfer of course you can “try again” but you should also try elsewhere. No use banging your head on a brick wall.

Hey guys I applied to NYU for the fall as a transfer and am trying for a final time for the spring semester. Last time I applied through CC TOP, an NYC community college scholarship program that gives a major discount in tuition. I didn’t get in as half of my school applied for the program and I submitted my application literally on deadline day. Don’t be like me.

I am reaching out today for recommendation letters and going to try to hand in my application early September.

I graduated from a CC with a degree in communications with a 3.3 GPA and 62 credits. I will be attending Brooklyn college this fall, taking 5 classes but I will not be adding these credits to my application as NYU only accepts 64 credits from transfers.

If NYU does not accept me I will be attending Baruch in the spring. Please let me know the best program for me to enter just to get my foot in the door.

Hey guys I applied to NYU for the fall as a transfer and am trying for a final time for the spring semester. Last time I applied through CC TOP, an NYC community college scholarship program that gives a major discount in tuition. I didn’t get in as half of my school applied for the program and I submitted my application literally on deadline day. Don’t be like me.

I too am interested in transferring in the spring. I’m not too clear on how it works, but I’m a current undergrad freshman and Kennesaw State University.
High School:
Gpa of 4.01 out of 5
11 AP’s
32 ACT

First Robotics programmer (we also won every championship except for worlds while i was programming on the team)
Cofounder of an entrepreneurship club
Financial director and team captain for said club

I don’t have any stats from my current university yet, but I am confident in my ability to get a 3.8 - 4.0 by the end of the semester. Is it worth attempting this semester? Or should I just wait until the year is over? I do have conditional to Georgia Tech but I’m really interested in NYU.

When does the NYU transfer application opens up?

Hello, I am interested in transferring to NYU for the spring of 2020. I am currently a first year undergraduate transfer at the University of Miami. I grew up in New Jersey and I have been having a really tough time liking UM. Unfortunately, I was not able to see the campus until a few days before I moved in. I did not think it made sense to spending so much time and money to see the school if I did not get accepted. I see the error I made now. Even though I got accepted with the President of UM’s scholarship and great aid. I just know in my heart I need to change schools. Not to sound aggressive, but I don’t want to hear advice about sticking it out and blah, blah, blah. I just want to know my chances.

H.S. GPA: Does not need to be be provided because of amount of credits earned
SAT/ACT scores: Does not need to be provided because of credits earned
Previous College GPA: 3.66
Estimated future GPA of Fall 2019: 3.75
I will have 32+ credits after this semester

Eagle Scout
Relay For life Committee member for 4 years (in High school and at UM)
Dean’s honor roll at CC before UM
Honor society member at CC before UM
Previous job experience (part time): Zara (clothing store) and BJ’s Wholesale Club cashier

I am confident in my writing abilities so I am not worried the essay too much. I have some of my recommendations already lined up. Is it a long shot for me? Also, would transferring from the University of Miami help my chances. Thank you for any advice that you give.