NYU Transfer Fall 2021

Do any of you know what the best way to find other transfer students who are looking for accommodation might be? Housing just said they don’t have a way to connect transfers and they won’t be offered on campus housing. How do incoming transfers find roommates for rentals?


Hi everyone, I know this is a long thread and a lot of people are freaking out. Wishing everyone luck and patience.

I just got accepted to NYU for Fall 2021 on May 3rd as a transfer student!!
I know there were questions about what day of the week people might hear back. I don’t know if there is an exact system, but for people to have more information, my notification decision was on a Monday. The first Monday in May. I applied in March. And I applied to CAS. I got an email around 3:00 pm telling me to check my applicant portal. That’s how I was notified.

I know it’s scary and so nerve wracking, this was my absolute dream school too. I’m so excited but don’t worry if you haven’t heard back. Feel excited that they’re starting to release more acceptance decisions, and try to be patient. They had a record number of applicants! Beat their 100,000 record from last year!! And it’s applicants from around the world. So I assume it takes them awhile to get back to everyone.

So I don’t know their exact protocol but in response to other speculations, I do think which college you applied to affects when you hear back, and when you applied also is a factor. I chose to apply in March, not April.

Hope this helps. Good luck everyone and hope to see you in the fall!! <3


Yes I had a W on my transcript and was still accepted :slight_smile:

Had a 4.0 last semester though. I think they look at the progress and the whole picture, not just individual classes and grades.


Thank you! what major r u apply for?

I applied to and was accepted as a sociology major in CAS :slight_smile:

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I would check facebook groups! Or even forums like this but for specifically accepted students, from what I’ve seen people have been making group chats


I got into NYU Stern as an internal transfer from Tandon! (I also had a W on my transcript this semester.) My cumulative GPA is 3.9. )

Hope this helps. Good luck to everyone!


wanna share ig? I also just got accepted to poli sci

I am in Gallatin but would love to join a transfer group chat :relaxed:

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I’m not CAS but studying poli comms, would love to connect ig is anna.captain

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Hi everyone! If I get into NYU, do I have to make a deposit after a week or just notify that I’ll be going? If I have to make a deposit, how large it is? I’m worried bc some of the schools I applied to are pushing back their decision release date and my results for NYU may come out before them…

What?. Seriously. No housing at all??

oh thats really disappointing…i dont want to find a place to rent and wanna enjoy dorm life :((

So no housing and no aid. We are cash cows?!?!


Guys I will tell you that finding a roommate and an apartment off campus will be way cheaper than living in a dorm. My D has lived in Brooklyn for the past 2 years and takes the L to Manhattan. Easy peasy and nice big apartment and much cheaper. Just some options. Check out streeteasy and Nooklyn.


You deserve a shoutout, what a great parent. You’ve done more research than anyone in this chat and have been diligently helping to answer our questions. This chat stresses me out, and your levelheaded and generous responses help me to stay clam.


That is so nice of you to say! The CC forum stresses my daughter out as well and she doesn’t even follow it!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I do understand the stress though. Especially when some kids are seeing portal changes and getting acceptances and others are not. She told me portal watching and following CC stresses her so I purposely am not asking her anything so right now I’m in the dark other than her checklist disappeared sometime between April 22 when it was there and April 26 when she looked again and it was gone. I have scoured the last 2 years. Zoom status means NOTHING. Jazziscool is correct on that. Checklist disappearing or not disappearing means nothing as well, not an indicator of acceptance or rejection whatsoever. The only thing that IS accurate is when COA shows up and I think even FA years change to current typically means acceptance. But again, many accepted only have that change maybe even an hour before the acceptance goes out.

Hang in there you guys. You’ve all worked so hard on these apps and whatever happens trust that the right path will open for you even if it’s not NYU. I’m ready for either outcome for my daughter.

My guess is the biggest wave of acceptances will happen sometime next week. And last year there were even acceptances the week after that and into June. It’s crazy. NYU is awful with the lack of transparency with notifications. Last year the big wave was May 12. I think many of you will know by end of next week and if you still don’t have an answer don’t jump to the worst conclusion.


I should probably take your daughters advice and take a step back from CC. All your hard work is more than appreciated, it’s certainly been keeping me sane. I hope your daughter hears back soon and that it’s positive news :slight_smile:


which program did you apply for? And yes maybe a step back would be healthy for you. Probably for me too!! :rofl:

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Tisch Film and TV. I wasn’t expecting to hear back until next week at the earliest because I submitted my application and portfolio on April 1st. My checklist though disappeared sometime last week, which is what made me get my hopes up and check CC every hour of every day.