Oberlin RD 2024

Hey! I’m Zoey. I got an early notification from Oberlin on Feb. 29 notifying me that I was a great fit for the school (basically an early acceptance). Official decisions come out Saturday at 1pm Eastern. Oberlin is my top choice, and I’ll likely be attending in the fall. Thought I’d post on here to start connecting with people. I’m not doing well with the major social disruption we’re all experiencing, so I’m trying to reach out and form connections. We’ll see how that goes!

@flamingcuppajoe Congratulations! My son did not get that “early acceptance”, but very happy for you. He’ll hear on Saturday.

they only sent it to a small group apparently, so we could book travel. travel’s cancelled now. :frowning:

@flamingcuppajoe I know. I am so sorry. :frowning:

DD got the early notice as well! Congrats Zoey! We were really hoping to have her come up for an admitted students day because it has been so long since she saw the school (sophomore year), but oh well. Good luck to all-hope to see a few potential classmates gathering on here soon…

YAY!!! Daughter accepted with a $27k/year merit award!

Congratulations to all accepted candidates!

Accepted with 22k!

Waitlisted. Happily surprised since I have a 29 ACT (Way below their range) and I require lots of aid. Shocked actually lol. Anyone recommend anything to get off the waitlist?

My daughter was accepted with a strong merit award as well!

DD Accepted with $32K/yr merit!

Congratulations to all who have been admitted! Wondering: is this your first choice? And is it for Arts & Sciences, or the Conservatory? My daughter is very happy with Oberlin as an Arts & Science student (and is very sad to be off-campus right now while everything is shut down). Happy to answer questions if I can.

Congrats to all! If you can, would you mind sharing your stats if you were accepted? Thanks!

DD Accepted
Major: Biology
4.0 UW GPA
33 ACT

Accepted with merit scholarship! I loved Oberlin when I visited, and was very happy to get in. Plus, my mom was super excited about the scholarship! :slight_smile:

ACT: 34
GPA: 4.5 (Weighted), 3.92 (Unweighted)
I’ll graduate with 13 APs

I visited even though I’m from NC and did an interview, which I think helped!

@time4adventure my stats as an accepted student are:

ACT: 30
GPA: 4.4 W
Skipped junior year and had a lot of writing extracurriculars/awards :slight_smile:

The people who are rejected don’t bother coming back to comment, which is why I feel like everyone but me got accepted lol, although they will probably use the waitlist a lot because of the virus.

Waitlisted! SAT 1440, 4.0 UW/4.18 W, applied to A&S without a portfolio as a current art student… might’ve given a less-than-stellar impression since I accidentally selected the portfolio option and was unable to go back on it. But, nothing to fret over!

oops, 1430*


If it makes you feel better my son was rejected

SAT 1460
UW GPA 3.75
Strong essays, recs, ECs
Leadership in ECs
Interviewed but could not “connect” with the interviewer so he felt it didn’t go well.
Did not visit due to distance.
High need

@Charlie2772 Wow that is really weird. I have lower scores, about the same GPA, Strong Ecs. I felt that my interview went well but it definitely didn’t go great. I also have high need. College admissions are a lottery.