Official Bowdoin Decision page class of 2025

Official class of 2025 Bowdoin decisions!

I was lucky enough to match with Bowdoin through QuestBridge on December 1st!! Bowdoin was my first choice and absolute dream school, as you can tell by my username, and I was planning on rolling my application to ED if I didn’t match. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Good luck to everybody who applied ED. I really hope you all get in. GO POLAR BEARS!!!



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Thank you! Love your username <3

deferred from ED I at Bowdoin.
4.67 weighted GPA, 4.15 UW GPA (both on 4.0 scale).
School doesn’t do rank but I’m in the top 5%
lots of extracurriculars (probably 9/10)
1450 SAT (could only take it 1x because of corona/test cancellations)
recs: strong overall. 9/10
Bowdoin supplement: 6-7/10
common app 9/10
applied as political science (1) /history major (2)

Nice stats.congrats.

Deferred. Oh well…

do you think applying as a political science major hurt my chance at admission because it’s such a popular major?

Daughter admitted ED on 12/11. She is a supported athlete with the following:

33 ACT Superscore
4.0 Unweighted
740 Biology SAT2
5 for AP USHist and Bio
No class rank
Strong recs and essays
Good (but not spectacular) extracuriculars outside of sports
High level athlete

Great to have the admissions decision behind us. She is excited to experience coastal Maine and fortunately for her, loves cold winters. Good luck to everyone.


what are the chances of acceptance after deferral from Bowdoin?

Hi. Did your daughter do the Bowdoin interview?

i didnt have the chance to because the interview deadline came up so fast.

When was the ED II decision date last year?

In the past RD decisions were March 13/14. Since application amounts are somewhat constant (have only changed about 1%), anyone think they would change this decision date? I have no email from them confirming a date, but still curious

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I hope they don’t change it. But I saw on reddit that someone said it would definitely be before March 24th because that’s the first day Bowdoin’s asking current students to help with Accepted Students Zoom sessions


Bowdoin seems to like to release decisions on Fridays at 7pm but also let u know a few days in advance. So my guess is they will release it next Fri.

Hey! Does anyone know if doing an interview helps your chances of getting admitted? I had an interview back in November and I think it well pretty well and was wondering if it even matters?

Could this mean they might release them this Friday, the 12th?

Unfortunately seems up in the air. Best guess is Friday 20th if we haven’t gotten an email yet. I saw that application amounts had slightly dipped via their newspaper, but the dip came from ED apps not RD–RD remained high/more than usual. Not to get super conspiracy theory about it though, LOL.

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Okay lol was trying to be hopeful but next Friday isn’t too far away!