**Official Franklin & Marshall Class of 2025**

Did you guys just get an email from F&M about their Facebook and Instagram groups for admitted students… but they’re all for class of 2024? Lol.


Yup, it sounds exactly like those programs. It’s a good option if you really want to attend the school!

Can someone make a snap or insta for admitted students :))

yes lol it made me nervous that my acceptance was a mistake :sweat_smile:

I’m also so confused. Does it seem to be one step above waitlist?

What were your stats?

1380, 3.53 w but went up to 3.68 after 1st semester of this year (I had mono/depression in 10/11 grades)

Got in!!! Had nothing about financial aid. So there is that :slight_smile: Congrats to all!!

you guys i got accepted with 70k in grants omg


What were your stats?

Hey did you got accepted into F&M or not?


Any internationals here requiring high financial aid who received an acceptance?

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Anyone accepted that didn’t send scores and not an athlete?

I got accepted and I am not an athlete. I initially submitted my scores but then rescinded them before they were able to look at them for admission.

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My daughter got in, not an athlete, without scores. I imagine these small schools that have to fill teams do have to admit a lot of athletes relative to the overall amount of students. She has declined her offer though. We couldn’t swing the cost. :frowning:

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