Ohio State Class of 2025 Official Thread

Just starting this up to see if anyone has any infomation about when OSU decisons will be realsed or if anyone has anything to say regarding OSU for 2025 students.

Ohio State website says by the end of January for EA. If anyone know when the college starts sending out decisions, I’d love to know.

Follow the other EA thread on here. EA will be released in two waves: tomorrow Dec 11 or next month on Jan 29. No known rationale for who finds out on which date.

For those hearing today, is there a time when they’ll be released?

My daughter heard this morning. :blush:She was EA.

Okay, I’m confused by the merging and closing of the ‘admissions’ thread, since the most recent posts on this ‘official thread’ are 20 days old. Hmmm

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For some reason, the system appended the posts from the closed thread instead of insetting by date. I’ve brought the issue to the admin’s attention. Meanwhile, all posts are still here. The last reply before the merge is 563 above.


Hello - Should we still be posting on this one, or does something else need to happen, now that posts aren’t consecutive? Thanks so much, just wondering!

Yes. Continue to post on this thread.

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Hello, All! Just want to make sure we’re all on board to continue posting about OSU admissions? Now that we’re coming back from the holidays…


Has anyone received a financial aid package? I was admitted in the first wave and had my FAFSA / CSS in on October first. They said they received it Dec 15, and I still have nothing.

@covcoll Yes, absolutely!

No, I don’t believe the financial aid packages will be out until Feb (Mar?).

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So if you put down Business as your intended major…and are accepted into OSU - is the admission into Fisher automatic? My son listed business, got accepted - never heard anything separate from Fisher…but just got an email that says “congrats on your admission to OSU and Fisher…join us for a visit” kind of thing…??

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@Jen136 Sounds like he’s a direct admit, yay!

S just got a direct admit letter a couple of days ago.

Is there any other type of admit to the business school other than direct admit? Or when you accepted to the school, you are accepted to business?

@Jen136 In prior years you had to have certain stats to be direct admitted to Fisher. Anyone below that would have to earn their way in with a certain gpa (I can’t remember if it was end of freshman year or what). However, I just looked at the website and the language has changed! Now it says if you apply for business and are admitted to the Columbus campus then you are a direct admit. Interesting! I wonder if they changed it because some applicants are test optional?

Right? So confusing. I guess, for this year at least, the admission rate into Fisher is the same as OSU…?

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My son just received his official welcome brochure and acceptance letter after being accepted on December 11th. The envelope was postmarked December 15th, but we didn’t receive it until today. I can only imagine how overwhelmed the mail system has been to receive it so late.