Old Dominion ODU Feedback

Any feedback regarding this school, i.e., campus life, food, sports, professors? What about safety, dorms and things to do outside of campus? Daughter accepted 2023 and would appreciate current student input.

@my2greatkids I don’t have a current student but several of my older kids’ friends attend ODU. Plenty of local kids from the Hampton Roads area attend ODU and most of them live on campus even though they could commute. I texted one of the kids I know who is a sophomore there to see if he would be willing to share his thoughts. I’ll post an update when I hear back from him.:wink:

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“Student life is fine, we get to go to sport events without paying for tickets, we have dining halls that provide great food, professors are interactive, our campus security works around the clock and the dorms are always well kept.”

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Thank you so much for the input. Can you ask about outside of the school, is there a decent off-campus life on the weekends etc., or do most students go home since there are lots of in-state? My concern is she is such an introvert and I worry about her making new friends etc. Also what dorm would they recommend (double with shower) for a freshman.


@my2greatkids No problem, I’m happy to assist! I’ll report back when he responds.:wink:

As far as kids going home, I know that this kid in particular doesn’t unless something is going on at home (family birthday for example). I would guess that most kids don’t. My oldest is at another college in the area (we are local) and lives on campus. She comes home sporadically…for a few hours maybe once a month.

“…on the weekends students get together and hangout or party, go to basketball games, or any other activity. I can say that Gresham and Rodgers aren’t the best dorms to live in but idk.”

Not the most helpful, but that’s the reply I got.

I live in NOVA and my neighbors sent 2 of their kids to ODU. They rarely came home on weekends. The son is in a fraternity and very involved.