Online Calculus Course Suggestion

I’m looking for a good online calculus class for S22 to take over the summer. He will take AP Calc BC in the fall. The purpose is to front load some of the content, not necessarily to self-study. I’ve seen possibilities on EdX and Coursera. Can anyone suggest a good class? Thank you :slight_smile:

If the student has done well in previous math courses through precalculus, why would it be necessary to take calculus twice?

He has a challenging senior year schedule and time over the summer to preview calculus. Is there a particular course, Edx, Coursera, that could cover some of the AB or BC material?

MIT has some free videos. Find Courses by Topic | MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials

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Try watching 3 Brown 1 Blue calculus videos on YouTube. Essence of calculus - YouTube

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Thank you! A certificate course would be preferable, but I’ll check out MIT and YouTube.