opcrack is not working on my win 10

I forgot my admin password on my Windows 10 pro and have no pre-created windows password reset disk. so i have to use thired party tools (ophcrack) to reset my windows password, but it doesn’t work on my win 10 pro, when I loaded it from USB, the computer is going to blue screen. any help ? or there is any other ways to reset windows 10 password?

Listening,i know Opcrack is able to reset the password, I don’t know why it didn’t help you, but it is not the only way, you can try using NT password and Cain & Abel if you are interested.

thanks, I also tried Ntpasswrod but it seems too difficult to use., it is a Linux tool which needs comand to operate! but i found LCP or wingeeker also can reset Windows 10 password with easy.