Operation Catapult Application Acceptance

When does Rose-Hulman typically let applicants know if they are in for Catapult?

I don’t know the specific timing. But S22 learned today he was accepted to Operation Catapult. He’s really excited.

Congrats! How did they let you know? Email? Mail?

Nevermind, he is in. How exciting!

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We just applied, having just learned about Catapult a week ago. Has anyone here been to Catapult before or had a son/daughter go before? I would love to hear about his/her experience.

If you go to the RHIT Facebook page or instagram page, you can register for a chats. They have had a few about their summer programs. They had one last night, I think, about them. During the chats, they have current students who attended Catapult answer questions. There are also videos about the experiences of campers online if you run a google search. I have had some questions answered by the staff at the college as well. Overall, I have been very impressed by what I have learned.

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