Opinions on the College of Charleston?

I would appreciate some opinions about the school from people who have actually went there or know someone who has.

Hi, my son is a freshman and he is absolutely loving it there. We looked at a lot of schools and he had a lot to choose from, and he told me the other day he would not have changed his decision for the world. I cannot imagine living and studying in a cooler city with the most amazing amenities and resources at your fingertips. They have a great selection of class offerings and majors and clubs sports and I feel you can get the best of both worlds there- the class offerings and majors of a huge school combined with the liberal arts and small town feel of a much smaller school all sitting in a very cool historic city with beaches and water activities in your backyard… Speaking as a math kind of person, if I was to do a scattegram of all the different aspects of a school, I don’t know what other school has it all like this school. My son was not looking for a big school and was leaning towards the smaller liberal arts school, but they did not have the offerings that you can get in a larger university (at least in Business) and I worried about them being too small for him. This really was a perfect blend of everything we were looking for.

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Any coments on or thoughts about the Honors College / Program at the College of Charleston ?

S19 chose CofC and so far loves it. Studying Biochemistry and German on pre-med track. He loves the weather, the multiple food choices, signed up to try a lot of new activities, and his roommates are great. Told me last night he’s joining a Chemistry Fraternity and plans to go scuba diving when he has time. All his classes so far are interesting and the right amount of challenging.

The pre-med program was what really solidified it for us. The advisors and student helpers were so passionate and knew their stuff. They are already helping him with information on EMS certification and plenty of talking. Even if he doesn’t end up going pre-med, the German advisor already talked extensively about internships with German companies in the area and abroad.

We are all very pleased with his choice so far!

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