Pepperdine Class of 2025 -- EA &RD


I didn’t see a thread for Pepperdine this year yet. I figured I would start it since we should hear back soon!



From what I read about last year’s class, acceptance letters came out around December 20th. Anyone heard anything about this year? Seems like Friday the 18th would be a possibility?

My daughter is also anxiously waiting - keeps checking her Pepperdine portal every day!

I agree! Friday hopefully will be the date.

Hi all! Was an EA applicant last year and was accepted! We got our email on the 20th (a Friday) at 3:10 pm EST. Scholarships were released in the portal January 8th. Hope this is helpful to anyone wondering!!!


Wondering if other OOS students are still considering Pepperdine? Or any California school for that matter? Pepperdine has been my daughter’s first choice for YEARS - and here we are with California completely shut down and no guarantee that anybody will be on campus next fall. :frowning: Sadly, I think this could be a game-changer for her. We’re in Texas which is pretty open compared with California.

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We are in the same boat. My daughter applied thinking it was top of her list. Now after visiting Baylor, TCU and some other schools that are open and will be next fall, it is unlikely she would pick Pepperdine or any school in a location that might not be in person by the fall. It’s sad to see choices affected by the differences in how states are handling things. We are in the midwest.


Heard someone talked to an admission counselor and they said because of Covid, acceptance emails may not come out until January. Guess we will see.

Wondering how many students are now not considering California schools because of how shut down they are. You’d hope they’d be open by the fall. Guess we will see.

I think TCU and Baylor have both moved ahead of Pepperdine on my daughter’s list now for this exact reason. Maybe she can go to Pepperdine for law school? :slight_smile: It breaks my heart because I know the California shutdown has to be devastating to these institutions.

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California State University was one of the first universities to shut down for all of this year. They never had in person. However, they just announced they are planning on having in person classes next fall. Hopefully that’s a good sign that Pepperdine will be in person next fall as well.

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I’m applied EA to Pepperdine. I could’ve sworn I received a email from Pepperdine a while back, like a little bit after November 1st that said decisions wouldn’t be out until January 10th. Maybe I’m wrong about the date considering when prior EA decisions have come out, but I’ll check my emails again to make sure.

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@venturejunkie that is the “official” date they will come out by, not necessarily on. In the past, they came out weeks earlier than they claimed they would. The admissions office said they may get some out by Friday.

Any guesses if people sent in test scores or not? Were many people able to take ACT/SAT in California? Very curious how much test scores will impact acceptance/scholarships.

Does anyone think that some decisions could be out today?

Last few years it was today. I’ve heard maybe some today, and I’ve heard not tell January. Hopefully today !

If anyone hears please post GPA and scores if you sent them in. Good luck everyone!


I did get someone to admit that “some” may come out today in admissions. If not today, they are closed for a bit after that. The person in admin I spoke to seemed to know what they were talking about and was hesitant to even say it, but when pressed, admitted that some may be ready today.

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Does anyone know if in previous years Pepperdine emailed saying that decisions were coming out? Or posted on their social medias anything? Some of my other schools posted on Instagram a couple of hours before decisions were released saying “decisions soon.” I didn’t know if Pepperdine did anything similar or just surprised us.

Hi! I am currently a freshman at Pepperdine and I went through this whole process last year. They originally told us that early action decisions would be released on or before January 10th. Christmas came early and they surprised us with acceptance decisions at 12:10 pm PST on December 20th. Good luck everyone!


Did they communicate decisions by email? Thank you! @centralperk

@centralperk did you get merit aid package with admissions decision or did you have to wait?