Pepperdine Class of 2025 -- EA &RD

Yes it was an email they sent out!

No we did have to wait for that. It was given sometime early-mid January.

Is there any chance decisions get released today? I keep seeing things about them being released on January 10th but decisions have always been released prior to this date. January 10th is also a Sunday so I would assume decisions would not come out on a Sunday but I may be wrong.

I think that there is a chance that decisions could be released today. Most of the schools I applied to EA have come out much early than they said.

Did anyone here do an interview? I did and it seemed to go well. Hoped it helped my application!

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I did an interview and I thought it went really well

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Ugh, admissions office now says they are closed for the holidays and do not answer. Operator said they should still be there. Either they are getting some decisions out and then leaving or we’ll all be waiting until January. Such a bummer if the latter happens.

I hope not. If so, this would be my only EA school that didn’t release in December/before the date they originally said :frowning:

I thought they were drumming up the anticipation today for us when they posted the Blue & Orange balloons to Welcome the new… graduating class. Hah! Well, I hope they are able to push out emails today.

Unfortunately I am thinking decisions will not be released tonight. I wonder if they will be released next week or if we will really have to wait till January.

Anyone think it could come out today? Or this week?

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Doesn’t sound too hopeful for this week, miah2021. Hope you enjoy your holiday :slight_smile:

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I’m wondering why Pepperdine is lagging so much more with EA decisions compared to prior years. Do you guys think more students applied EA this year, or as a product of COVID, or anything else? Anxiously waiting for this decision.

From what I’ve heard, very selective UC schools and some private CA colleges saw an increase in applications this year. So, it might be the reason why?

anyone still waiting for their results???

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My son received messages stating the admissions office is closed until January 4. Hopefully answers will be out this coming week.

Does anyone know how to access the portal? The emails they sent me didn’t say anything about a portal and just said they would send by email, but some people are saying there’s a Pepperdine portal

bro I also can’t find a portal… Maybe we just gotta wait for an email

Here is the link to the portal. The issue you have is you have to find their email, as that gives you a temporary password. Login Template Title

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