Pepperdine Class of 2025 -- EA &RD

Maybe check Spam?

Does anyone think they could come out today? Or within the week?

Pepperdine has said by Jan 10th. Hopefully sooner.


Why does she have to decide so early? It sounds like we have similar kids, both in Baylor and TCU and waiting on Pepperdine but she’s not rushed to make a decision. So, curious if I’m missing something.

She’s not rushed at all - just seeing the writing on the wall that California is a mess and not likely to be open anytime soon.

What is the typical timing for regular decision? My daughter submitted on 11/1, but didn’t check “Early Action.” Thanks!

From another thread, it looks like March 20th last year.

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Just a bit of conjecture to fill in the time ; ) but I wonder if Pres Gash’s new covid diagnosis and the pending announcement regarding Spring classes are also slowing the release.

I’m guessing it’s a handful of factors:

  1. Many schools are seeing a dramatic increase in applications. I’m wondering if this is true for Pepperdine. I’m guessing yes.
  2. They are doing this differently then ever before, working from home, not working together in a room.
  3. Test optional - they’ve never had to compare applications this way. Has to be much more difficult to compare students now then the way they have always done it.

Also, has anyone heard if they will let everyone know about merit scholarships by Jan. 10th as well? I know they said acceptance letters by Jan. 10, but not sure about the scholarships.

Agreed Branfan! And I am also curious about the merit release. It would be a smart move to do it at the same time now, or at least close together. (I think merit for EA is typically released by mid-Jan, anyway).

Yes gooddaysahead, I agree that I hope they send out the merit scholarships at the same time as the acceptance letters. I think I read it was around this time last year that they sent out the scholarship information, so hopefully that will happen, and it won’t be pushed back a couple weeks like the acceptance letters were.

Right on, Branfan.

And for a little more guesswork fun… I say decisions will be out sometime today through Friday v. the weekend, if at all possible. This is Malibu culture afterall :wink:

I definitely agree with you gooddaysahead! I never knew college decisions would be released on Sundays and after all, Pepperdine is Christian based and I would believe they would have Sundays off. But I could be wrong

True Mandyvil123! Malibu + Christian = less likelihood of weekend release!

Do you think decisions could be released today?

Certainly a possibility emdouts24! Good luck :blush:

Good luck to all! Please let everyone know if you all should hear anything! Dying to know, also let’s post when applied and stats if willing. :wink:

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So I saw a post from last night about a student getting a full ride. Anyone else receive news or hear anything? I am not sure if my daughter has checked her portal or emails yet. Waiting to hear.

I wasn’t aware of full ride scholarships at Pepperdine. Maybe for athletics?

That’s what I was thinking, too, Branfan: likely an athlete.