Pitt Honors Discussion 2025

This thread is for all who applied to Pitt Honors College. Feel free to post updates and questions here.

Good Luck to you all!

If you would like to share your statistics please do:
State Residency:
Accepted Y/N:

We should start hearing soon because Pitt Honors makes their decisions by February 1st.


Does pitt honors tell you if you get rejected or do they send out accepted letters too

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I think they send out both


Is there a certain time decisions come out

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There is no specific time on their website.

Are we expecting a portal or mail notification (or both)?


Decisions should come out this Monday. Good luck everyone!


will Upitt update on their portal ? will scholarship amount increase if you get into honors?

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Nooooo idea whatsoever I wish I knew I may call on Monday and ask because I have other questions too

oof, I think they’re delaying decisions? I got an email saying that because there was a lot of applicants decisions are going to be released ‘no later than feb 22’

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Heard back today decisions are delayed til feb 22

Hey everyone, got an email at 12 today giving me a link to admission documents. logged in to see an “award letter” from pitt honors saying I was waitlisted, but dated 2/12. thought it was weird that it was called an award letter when i didn’t get in and that the email came 2 days later

I just got in…

Anyone else not get an email yet?

Did folks get an email to notify them about the Honors acceptance? Where did you see the decision?

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got an email around 1 pm cst that said ‘link to access pitt admissions documents’ with a link to a portal. In the portal there was a document to download. within the letter it says something like

Dear (me),
I am delighted to inform you that you have been accepted to the Honors College and the Joint Degree Program at the University of Pittsburgh! Since only a small fraction of applications were accepted, your achievement is very impressive…blah blah

I wonder if only some applicants got a email today. Do you mind sharing the link?

I didn’t get an email. It’s in the same portal if you got a scholarship earlier, so I just found that old email to access the decision letter.


the mail was super weird about it, it said PLEASE KEEP THIS EMAIL . This will be the only notification you receive about accessing your admissions documents.