Pittsburgh Unified Auditions

Hello class of 2026!!

You are about to have an amazing journey this year. I hope you find much success. I wanted to let you know of a great opportunity available to you. There will now be a Unified audition event in Pittsburgh!!! The dates are October 8,9 and 10. There are several great schools signed up and more will be added. We will offer master classes, most will be included in your registration and some will require a small up charge. There will be auditions for MT, acting and portfolio reviews for tech/design students. I’m not on here often but if you have any questions you are welcome to reach out to the website or my FB group, MT Parents. We hope you can join us. Welcome to Pittsburgh!!

Maybe it’s just me who doesn’t find “the website” to be obvious. I assume it’s:

I’m sorry I’m not understanding what you are trying to say?

Oh sorry I see it now. The website didn’t appear in my post. Yes that’s the correct website. Thank you!