Please chance me for direct dental programs (dds programs)

I’m an Indian Male from Illinois

My school doesn’t rank, but my weighted GPA is 4.123.
My ACT score is a 29, and a superscore of 30

I have done biochemistry and organic chemistry research
I’ve had 2 dental Internships
I have shadowed nearly 600 hours at General dentists, orthodontists, pediatric dentists, and maxillofacial surgeons.
I have 796 volunteer hours from 7 different organizations.
I am on Varsity Tennis
President/Vice-president of 3 clubs

Please chance me for the following programs:
-Marquette Pre-dental scholars (7 year)
-Nova Southeastern
-NYU (7 year)
-UCONN special program in dental medicine

Any comments will be appreciated. Please give your honest opinion.

Hey i am interested in these 7 year programs, I have a similar gpa, if you could let me know which if any of these schools you got into that would be much appreciated.

@BuBbLeS_26 Hey, I got accepted into the Muhlenburg UPENN dental program