Please help me decide! Duke vs. GT vs. UMich

Hey! I am an international applicant who got into Duke Econ and GT and Umich Industrial Engineering, and are so grateful for my acceptances! I am looking forward to working in Investment Banking, Consulting, or Management, and these are the colleges I got into. As such, I feel like Econ and Industrial Engineering would both help, but I need help regarding some specific points. Please help me decide regarding social life and academics.

Social life: I mean dorm quality, food, weather, parties, activities, stress/chill culture, and general study and classroom facilities

Academics: where am I more likely to get a better grade (is there grade inflation/deflation on any, as I plan on going to grad school), better placement for Consulting/IB, and research/project opportunities.

In terms of specific schools:

  • GT (50k a year)
    I like the school, but I feel like it’s too engineering-focused. I expect GT to be especially hard as I have read online, and the workload is supposed to be huge. probably going to leave with a lower GPA. major: industrial engineering with an economics and finance concentration.

  • UMich (73k a year)
    Not sure about the weather and the fact that there’s no airport, but definitely like the vibes. Also got in as an industrial engineer.

  • Duke (80k a year)
    BS in Economics with a finance concentration. Good stats and political science programs, and like the campus. Not a fan or Durham, but at least there is an airport.

In terms of money, my family does not qualify for financial aid and could technically afford all three options. Obviously cheaper is better, but as I am first-gen in the US, we are willing to spend a little more if the difference in opportunities (access to IB/consulting and grad school) are significantly better at one school than at the other.

Thank you!

UMich is a public school so it’s definitely bigger than the other two. Will probably get more of a social life there. It seems like you like UMich the best, and it’s definitely an amazing school! Is cost a factor at all? And also with GPA unless you are planning on going to grad school immediately afterwards I don’t think a lower GPA will really harm you that much (granted you pass all your classes and understand material, etc).

with umich being a public school it might be slightly harder for you to get research opportunities due to the massive amount of students, but also I think it depends on your field of interest and how willing you are to cold email and network w/TAs and professors