Please help to chance an international student for REA!

I’m a Chinese student(in China, yes. Well I wonder if this is uncommon here) intended BME major(you’d guess the reason soon) at an REA school.

GPA: Our school doesn’t report GPA, but I’m straight A and A*. I’ve been taking the most challenging courses possible at my school.

SAT: 1580, 21/24
SAT II: Math II, Chem, Bio all 800
AP: Chem, Bio, Cal BC, Physics I, Physics CM, World History, Language and Composition, Computer Science all 5.

Extracurriculars and honors:
Half year internship + 1.5 year independent research(w/ paper though not published) at two labs at PKU.
3 years of commitment to iGEM, a synthetic biology competition + founding club at school
USABO(qualification round) and BBO scored top 5 in China in 10th grade.
American Local Mathematics League(ARML) team ranked top 20 globally (power round coming up)
And many other school/local/national level miscellaneous ecs and honors.

Recommendations: I think they are all darn good.

Hook: born with profound bilateral deafness. Though have hearing aids, suffered and overcame communication and learning-related issues. Wrote about this in my PS.

How’s my chance? Thank you for reading! Please feel free to leave your opinions.

(Let me see if anybody who knows me is also active on this forum :P)

There a many many REA schools in the US. Which are you looking at? That said, your stats will make you competitive anywhere but international acceptance rates are very low, and if you need financial aid, even harder to come by. Be sure to have schools on your list that are matches and safeties for you.

Oh yeah, I’m pretty interested to know if my hook would work out. Have been to some summer schools where I realized how different deaf(or more generally, disabled) culture are different in the two countries. Here it’s stigmatized unless one achieves something in the first place.

I would not consider being deaf a hook for college admission. Hooks generally refer to things like being a recruited athlete, child of a major donor, URM.

Well, at least it’s the hook of my PS. Does that help to clarify what I mean? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not applying for financial aid. And the choice of school is not what I’m feeling sure to disclose at the moment. I just want to ask for a “general” chance based on my profile.

I think you will be an extremely competitive applicant at any school you wish to apply. Granted, the top schools in the USA get multitudes of extremely competitive applicants. As long as you are full pay, though, you are highly likely to have a choice among the many excellent schools we have here.

@Groundwork2022 Thank you! Having finished preparing my application materials, I’m feeling more confident now. Just give it a shot! :stuck_out_tongue: