Please help us test a fix for the added "1" issue

We’ve been working behind the scenes to get ready for the future home of CC. One of the biggest problems we noticed is that users were getting a “1” added after their names on the new site. Obviously that’s embarrassing and it caused more than a few problems. Thankfully we have a fix and we’d like to get your help to test it. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Go to:
  2. Use the email and password you usually use to access CC. (This might not be needed. It might just log you in if you are currently logged into CC.)
    3.Go to your user preferences:
  3. Make sure your name looks right.

If it doesn’t, please contact me via private message or post a reply here. Otherwise:

  1. Use the “Log out all” and go back to step 1 to double check nothing has changed.

Background for the curious

We had a setting that tried to synchronize usernames here to usernames on the new site. When you logged in, the site would notice that your name was already taken because we’d prepopulated everyone’s account. So it would use a new name that wasn’t taken yet. So CCadmin_Jon became CCadmin_Jon1. And thumper1 became, for some reason thumper12. The strange thing is that when you logged out and back in again, your original name would be available! So the system would reset to the original name. It took a bit of digging to fix the problem because we didn’t see it happen every time.

I’ve tried to fix everyone’s name, but I might have missed some. Also, I might have changed a 1 back that I shouldn’t have. I can manually fix those problems or we can wait until launch. Just before switching over, we’ll import all the data again and make sure everyone’s name matches what they have on CC currently.

Mine looks right.

Mine looks OK.

I think @CCadmin_Jon is just asking for responses if the username is not OK. ?

Mine still has a ‘2’ appended.

There is also a sometimes bug where briefly shows the main page, then refreshes to a completely blank page. Bug was present on Firefox 82 desktop/laptop, but not on Firefox 82 mobile. On desktop, it happened several times (including after logout and login) but has gone away now.

Mine looks right.

Having running many large test programs in my professional life, I would absolutely want to know that a test I requested was conducted with positive results.

Throwing out “anyone having problems” and assuming no answers means everything is great is a very bad process.

I logged out and back in. My username still has a 1 appended.

Mine looks fine.

I’ve change your name. If you have a chance to test again, I’d appreciate it.

Unfortunately the new platform doesn’t allow spaces or apostrophes. I think that’s why your name didn’t get fixed. I’ll go back and update the script I’m using to take care of it in case there are other people in your position.

Fixed. If you wouldn’t mind testing again, that would be great!

I use Firefox too and I saw something similar. We’ll look into it, but it might be hard to fix since it doesn’t happen every time. In my experience reloading the page solves the problem. (But that’s not ideal and I’ll make sure we investigate further.)

No extra 1 any longer but it’s odd to have two underscores in my screen name, but oh well.

Mine looks fine

I don’t mind getting reports when it works as expected. As you said, it’s not good to assume silence means things are working. On the other hand, my prior assumption is that it is working because we’ve done internal testing. Also, I can look at [reports to see who is logging in]( and I can see what their usernames look like. So the most useful data right now is when things aren’t working right.

On a personal level, it makes me happy to see responses that things are working! It would be pretty noisy if everyone responded, but I’m very happy to see that people are testing things. It just shows how much you all care about the site.

Yeah. This is disappointing, but Discourse doesn’t allow spaces or apostrophes in usernames. I’m working with the team to see if we can come up with alternatives. But those restrictions are fairly fundamental to how the system works. :frowning: I’ll update you all when I know more.

The username is fixed. The rendering bug still happens some of the time.

My name looks fine.