Please welcome Prompt to our verified expert program

Since its founding, College Confidential aspired to be “the best web source for information on college-related topics”. (Yes, I took this quote from back when you had to specify that a source was on the “web”: 2001.) To that end, we’ve partnered with companies like The Princeton Review to provide articles that are hosted in the Guidance section of the site. Recently we teamed up with to host some essays about . . . writing essays. Prompt has been coaching students in the art of writing since 2014 so we are excited to benefit from their expertise.

You can read two articles from Prompt:

More to come!

Prompt has also expressed a desire to share their knowledge about writing on the forums using [this account](Profile - Prompt - College Confidential Forums). Several of their writing coaches will be participating by answering questions in the forums. I hope you will welcome them and maybe they can learn a thing or two from us as well!

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