Pomona College Transfers Fall 2020

Hi! Noticed there was no thread for this or at least I couldn’t find one. There’s probably not very many of us haha but let’s talk!

Hello! I’m planning to transfer to Pomona from a California community college!

What are y’alls stats?

do transfer results come out the same day rd results come out?

The past few years transfer results have come out around March 21/22

@azurepurple is this what you mean by stats? GPA: 4.0 SAT: 1160.

Do you guys think there is any chance they will waive the mid term report with everything going on? My campus was evacuated and I wasn’t able to get all of my grades/signatures. I know some other schools are saying the mid term report isn’t required anymore for transfers but not sure about Pomona

@carshoes227 Please email them as soon as possible!

@Jane31 I tried calling but they are on spring break. I emailed admissions and someone responded and said “We will not expect applicants to be able to submit documents at this time. We will be evaluating your application based on what you were able to submit.” Not sure if this means it is not required anymore or to just submit what we have but if anyone else gets anymore information please share!!

Also, does anyone know where we are supposed to send the midterm report?

@carshoes227 Ah I see. I think that they won’t be receiving the mid-term report anymore to be honest. Because when I called in February, I was to,d to send in my mid-term report as soon as possible. I emailed the midterm report to them! Did they send you an email about missing mate ails? Please email the admissions officer for your area and let them know. I hope everything goes well.

im going insane when is it coming out

Hi everyone. I am also a Pomona transfer applicant. The website says decisions will be out at 5pm pacific time TODAY!!

Did Ponoma release transfer decisions tonight?

nope cries

I’m so disappointed, last year they did transfers the same day as high schoolers

Last year the class of 2023 heard back on the 15th and transfers got results on the 22nd; transfer admissions are always done the week after.

If you think they came out the same day because the news announcement (https://www.pomona.edu/news/2019/03/15-introducing-pomona-college-class-2023) mentioned both, they went back and edited it after admitting transfers.

Does anyone know when they’re releasing?

I feel like it will be released this Friday because that will be exactly a week after freshman decisions (which is how it went last year) but idk. has anyone tried emailing/dming admissions and asking? also, what is everyone’s stats?

did anyone do an off-campus alumni interview?