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I think that everyone is aware that racism exists. However, not all people are racists.

The primary goals of education should be to encourage analytical thought and effective communication & problem solving skills, not indoctrination that silences opposing opinions.


Okay. So who is in favor of indoctrination and silencing opinions? Is it the schools trying to teach a more accurate and inclusive view of American history, warts and all? Or is it the backlash movement trying to rally the sensationalist press so that they can shut this “woke” stuff down and get it out of our schools?

Would you consider the various legislative attempts to ban the critical examination the vestiges of racism to be “promoting analytical thought” or “silencing opposing opinions?”


Freedom of speech & critical analytical thinking skills should be respected & encouraged in educational settings.


Please lets keep this thread open….there is a thread over on the College side for “Say it here”….

In the spirit of reporting the news about prep schools, here’s a story about SGS following the path of L’Ville with bonds.


It’s unbelievable that other parents aren’t speaking out against those moms and in support of the policies. :face_with_monocle:

Oh, they are. They are just not doing it in the pages of The New York Post or on Tucker Carlson Tonight


Inspiring stories - read about the two former prep school athletes from CT who will compete in the Paralympics

Interesting article in Forbes….

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New book from Richard Beard about UK private schools….maybe someone on here can share their perspective @ the book?

Very sad story….prayers for this young man from Milton Academy! :pray:

More news on Thatcher….and other scandals

I have always felt that the Thacher School maintained a “holier than thou” attitude towards other boarding schools. The comments in this article appear to confirm my impressions as the defense asserted is that the abuse is not as bad as the abuse that occurred at two other schools while naming the two other schools.

@Golfgr8 Thank you for sharing this article & for maintaining such a needed & informative thread.


Happens everywhere, it seems…Asheville has had several accusations filed. :face_with_monocle:

Now for a positive story!

Former St Paul’s School student - thank you for your support of educators, Charles Best!


update on SPS advocacy and reporting

More sexual misconduct news……here is a story from PEA with a twist!

Whoa. That’s…oof.


What a strange story!

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Wow. Very strange set of twists in this one.

Article in US NEWS: Why choose a STEM private school?

  • A couple of well known boarding schools are listed in the article