Prep Schools In The News & Media

That’s true. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

As long as it’s about a prep school, the news item belongs in this thread. While the most frequent posters in this subforum are interested in a certain type of boarding school, it is important to recognize that there are atypical and unique learning experiences out there.

“One size fits most” has never worked for me - neither in clothes, nor educational philosophy.


Ever wonder why certain stories make the news and others do not?

Hey, Kids! Get ready for a news story about DA to break….or not. Seems like they will keep this quiet, but the students are posting about it and there was already video posted on social media of the school removing the alleged staff member’s quote from the athletic center wall. Hmmmm….seems like there might be another lawsuit coming from an alleged assault that took place 30 years ago. Let’s see if it makes the news… or not.

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I would not say They are keeping it quiet. They sent an email to all current families, parents and kids. Why would they want to notify the news?

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When it makes the news, it’s often a recipient of the email that forwards it to the news outlet. In those instances, will it be picked up by the Globe? Maybe not. The Recorder? Maybe on a slow news day. The New York Post? Probably. :blush:


The implication is that “they” is the school, that’s what I meant by my reply. Of course it would be someone else who notifies news outlets.

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The investigation into this reportedly began in March…a letter was sent by the HOS to the school community yesterday. It’s being covered on social media.

I’ll have to ask my alum spouse if they received anything.

Not again …can’t make this stuff up. Could they run out of parents soon willing to pay the tab ?

what happened? what am I missing??


Calling it “news” might be a stretch, but if any parents at fancy East Coast schools are upset about some perceived “woke” affront, then the story is sure to make the Daily Mail and/or NY Post. And get linked here.

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This news is about another alleged sexual encounter that happened between a member of the staff and a kid about 30 years ago.

I was answering the question more generally, and referring to the many similar “news” articles from the NY Post and Daily Mail throughout the thread.

More Varsity Blues news….this guy was connected to West Hollywood Prep…

I did not cite any numbers but how many examples are necessary, or would satisfy anyone who doesn’t see this as an issue? 10, 50, 1000? I happen to live in a state whereby self declaration is all that is needed to compete as another gender. No time period or physical transitioning necessary. Previous records set by biological girls be damned. Harpeth Hall refuses to say how they will protect the privacy and competition rights of their biological women in sports, locker rooms, dorms, etc. which probably means that they have no intention of addressing those issues.

Can we please move off the topic of gender identity unless specifically related to a prep school news story?


Unless you are a parent or a student at Harpeth Hall, I’m not sure Harpeth Hall (a private school) owes you an explanation regarding any of these supposed “issues.”


We used to live down the street from this “school.” Looks like a converted motel. No outdoor space. Never saw a student outside during the day just daycare drop offs. Caters to an almost exclusively Russian population using Soviet methods.

If anyone has a problem with people identifying as who they ARE, take it to your own social media. This is not the place to post your opinion about someone’s gender.


More news…this time about a Choate teacher