private message vs. email

<p>Can someone please explain the different methods of sending private messages? I can't seem to get it right!</p>

<p>When I receive a "private" message through cc, a box comes up through my email server that says there is a message, and I can access it through cc. I have retreived messages with no problems. I typcially respond by hitting "reply" but it only seems to work half of the time. After writing, and choosing "send" the other half seem to be lost in cyberspace. They are neither received nor are stored in my "sent" folder (but the message I wrote disappears as if it were sent).</p>

<p>I also noticed if I highlight a user's name, it gives me the option of sending a private message or sending an email. What is the difference? I assumed if I sent an email, it would go directly to their email box, whereas if I send a private message it goes through the cc board somehow? I've tried both methods. Again, it only works on a case by case basis. Some have been sent, others are lost. Those lost never show up in my sent folder, nor does the recipient get the note. </p>

<p>Murphy's law of course has dictated that any of my long involved notes are lost, and any short simply replys are sent just fine! I obviously don't know what I am doing incorrectly.</p>


<p>kjofkw, you are mostly correct. A Private Message is sent entirely through the CC forum. You may get an email notification, but to read or reply you have to log into the forum. Private messages don't disclose your e-mail address or any other data that isn't generally visible otherwise.</p>

<p>You can also choose to send an email through the forum. This generates an actual email message to the member, but it doesn't show the recipient's email address. So, you can set your profile to receive emails without exposing your email address. If you REPLY to such an email using your email program, though, you will indeed show the recipient your address.</p>

<p>For PMs, you can set your profile to pop up a notification when you get a new one. You also can store a limited number of PMs in your account here.</p>

<p>Make sense?</p>