I have failed 3 subjects each subject is for 6 units and so if I get more than 2 strikes I am in probation so now I have to tell my parents as they have to fork out thousands of dollars to pay for my tution fees and it’s hella expensive and they might ask me to drop out, I don’t know what to do I am scared as I don’t want to leave the country and go back to my own but I have issues coping up with the studies a bit, so I am meeting with an advisor tomorrow but I don’t know what to tell my parents to not lose faith in me and help me make through this difficult time hope someone tells me what to do, thanks

Do you have a plan to improve your grades? Do you know why you are struggling?

Talking to your advisor is a good place to start but be sure that you get the support you need to be successful - tutoring, mental health support, going to office hours, meeting with your professors, going to all the extra help sessions, etc…

As a parent, I would be more apt to be supportive of my child if she knew what went wrong, had a clear plan in place for how she was going to succeed, and what she would be doing differently.

Good luck!

Fess up to your parents immediately and tell them that you are going to speak to an academic advisor.

If you can’t keep up with your studies, you may have to go back home sooner than later.
You would still have to return to your country after graduation.
What do you plan to do after graduation? You are not allowed to stay in the US after graduation.