Providence College EA 2025

Does anyone know when Early Action decisions will come out for class of 2025 ? Going by last years, seems that it might be Monday. Anyone know ?


This is what it says on the Office of Admissions Facebook Page:
“The official date is still January 1 but we’ve been successful getting decisions out around December 20th in the past few years and (unless something goes awry!) should be able to do that again. We don’t have a definite date to share yet, though.”


Does anybody know how they inform? Is it email? Thanks!

My son received an email saying EA decisions come out Friday evening. Stressful week ahead.

The email we got today said it will come via the portal and they will notify you via email when the portal has been updated

My daughter got an email today saying that EA will be out on Friday. Email will be sent to check the portal.


Has anyone heard what time decisions will be released at?

The email I received said the evening of 12/18 (Today)! Good luck!

I just found out that decisions will be released around 7pm. Good luck everyone!

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I wonder if they offer the Roddy Scholarship with admissions. Does anyone know about this?

Less than 10 minutes!

Accepted with 55% Scholarship!


I got in but they didnt tell me if i got any merit aid or not? isnt that suppsoed to come w my decision???

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where is it supposed to show where the money is???

Daughter got in, but no merit aid?? Anyone know if it comes later, hopefully?!

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Where do we see merit??

My daughter is in, but doesn’t mention money.

Merit money was mentioned with the decision

What are her stats ? I am surprised there is no merit money for my daughter.

I have 99% ACT and I only received 30k. I was really hoping to get the Roddy Scholarship

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