Providence College RD 2023

From the PV Facebook page, it appears they received over 6,000 EA applications. I imagine it’s going to be stiff competition getting in RD. What type of SAT and GPA are they looking for?

PC. Typo!

Here is the link Common Data Set for last year - it gives some insights on the previous admission cycle -

As soon as ED/EA notifications go out tomorrow night, you will see some anecdotal feedback via the EA 2023 thread - when some people will post decisions and supply SAT scores and GPA. That should offer some perspective on your RD chances.

I hear that RD will be sent out around March 17.

PC is the last school I need to hear from. Aaaah! Still waiting.

Wishing you luck

Decisions will be released Friday night around 8 PM.

@ PCAdmission - are decisions posted online or mailed?

Admission decisions will be posted to the Admission Status Portal (with an e-mail sent when they are) and then printed copies of acceptance letters and aid packages will be mailed on Monday.

Can’t wait for 8pm!!!

Same hoping for the best but expecting the worst

is it 8

Decisions are out! I didn’t get in, but good luck to everyone else.

sorry to hear are you wL

No I was rejected, but that’s okay. I got into other great schools so I’ll be fine.

Son was waitlisted but got into Trinity College and University of Rochester tonight as well as Marist. Good luck to all!


wow trinity is a wonderful school! Good luck

son got in but no merit so probably passing

GPA 3.3 SAT 1260 Private catholic high school denied