Purdue's HyFlex classroom helps students, instructors succeed

"… The HyFlex teaching model has been used in various ways across the country since the mid-2000s, with the intention of making higher education more accessible to students who might not always be able to attend class in-person. The model was designed to make sure students can move back and forth between in-person and online instruction while having the same learning outcomes in both.

Now, with virtual learning increasingly becoming a necessity because of the pandemic, Mentzer predicts the model is going to become more of an educational necessity around the country.

‘This is a model that has been proven to work before the pandemic came into existence,’ he said." …


Per my D, it does work well. They had some tech challenges the first week, mostly with Brightspace, but those have all been worked out. It’s been super for kids who need to quarantine/isolate so they don’t fall behind, as well as for those students who chose not to come back to campus. Lots of time, money, and energy spent over the summer to get professors up and running.

I think it’s working as effectively as anything could in the current environment, but my D still misses aspects of in-person classes. As a Senior with Lab and Design courses, it may be different than plowing through common Frosh/Soph coursework.